Kim Jong Un: Visits sites hit by typhoon and floods

During his stay, Kim Jong Un investigated houses built by the military and his ruling Workers’ Party. State agency KCNA reported that he perceived with “great satisfaction” that the places are “a crystal of Party members’ integrity.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited building sites for new homes that are part of a “grand plan” to rebuild towns struck by typhoons and summer floods, state news media reported on Thursday.

Visit by Kim Jong Un

Kim’s visit to typhoon-hit regions of the country was after he had declared this week to build at least 25,000 homes over the next five years. The news comes as citizens begin 80-day operations to achieve economic goals.

The state newspaper Rodong Sinmun starred Kim’s tour of newly built dwellings in the eastern areas of Sinpho City and Hong won County on the front page on Thursday. They were showcasing the leader smiling in front of homes with red and cyan roofs and white walls.

The construction of the houses is by members of the military and the ruling Workers’ Party.

The need for the construction

“He said that they developed the houses flawlessly as well as professional builders. Noting with great delight that those houses are a jewel of the loyalty of Party members,” KCNA said.

North Korea’s “disastrous meteorological events” this summer with heavy rains and typhoons left devastation in its wake. This event marks the second-highest rainfall in the past 25 years. Consequently, the storms had paralyzed the transport system and slaughtered thousands of houses.

North Korea and natural calamities

North Korea’s eastern province is the whole of the country’s most weathered areas. Back-to-back typhoons hit the region in new months.

The North Korean leader had earlier revisited the typhoon-hit mining town of Komdok. He also went to South Hamgyong province and reviewed restoration efforts, state media said on Wednesday.

The latest trip also happened days after Kim held a gathering of the Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party. The meet to review recovery purposes in the typhoon-affected regions and sent soldiers to help with recovery work, reports Yonhap News Agency.

Conclusion for Kim Jong Un

Consequently, he has also started an “80-day campaign” last week. The move is to rescue flood damage and make as much improvement as possible in the country’s economic advancement project by the end of this year.

With Kim’s recent water-works in front of the public or his esteem parade, the leader is undoubtedly a mystery still.

Image courtesy of Alexander Khitrov/Shutterstock

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