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Kim Kardashian accepts her marriage to Kanye West is over: Rumor


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have, allegedly, agreed to file for divorce.

After West’s recent bipolar episode, the rapper revealed shocking information about Kim Kardashian and her family. However, it is unclear if West’s claims are correct.

Still, the shocking revelations made the rapper forced Kardashian to travel to Wyoming to talk to her husband in person. Unfortunately, tabloids have been claiming that they weren’t able to resolve anything during the recent meeting.

Photos of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star breaking down in tears while talking to West inside the car made headlines. And according to In Touch Weekly, the mom of four already knew at that moment that it was the final straw for her and West.

Kim Kardashian allegedly exerted one final effort to save her marriage

But the SKIMS founder still pushed herself to exert one final effort to make her marriage work. Kardashian, allegedly, invited West to join her and their kids on a trip. However, the short vacation, allegedly, turned out to be very chaotic.

“Kim and Kanye couldn’t see each other eye to eye on anything and ended up not talking most of the time,” the source said.

Kanye West allegedly blaming Kim Kardashian for the end of their marriage

The insider also said that West blaming Kardashian for their marriage falling apart did not sit well with the reality TV star.

“That’s what Kim needed to hear to know it was finally over,” the source said.

Kim, Kanye’s $2 billion empire

After Kim Kardashian returned home from her family vacation, she, allegedly, contacted the best lawyers in preparation for her upcoming divorce.

“Kim knows Kanye will put up a good fight and that a divorce will be a total nightmare, just like their marriage, so she’s hired the best,” the source said.

West and Kardashian were recently declared billionaires by Forbes. As such, the couple could, allegedly, go head to head over their $2 billion empire.

One of the things that Kardashian is, allegedly, dreading is deciding who gets what. There are also fears that the rapper could lash out and go after his wife’s fortune.

Kim, Kanye’s non-existent intimate moments

Another issue that the couple has is, allegedly, has something to do with their physical contact. Kardashian and West have, allegedly, been in a loveless marriage for the past three years.

“Kim’s known it was over for some time – it’s the marriage from hell – but she tried to hold it together for the sake of the kids,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Kim Kardashian hasn’t filed for divorce from her husband.

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