Kim Kardashian deemed ‘offensive’, slammed over SKIMS face masks

Kim Kardashian faces huge backlash over the release of SKIMS face masks.

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian launched the face mask line of SKIMS Solutionwear. There are over five shades available, which range from light to dark tones.

The shades come in the names of Sand, Clay, Sienna, Cocoa, and Onyx. While the latter bears the name of onyx, reports noted that the color of the mask is in a “solid black” hue. Although partly inaccurate, this is not what angered most individuals online.

As it happened, the KKW Beauty founder utilized an African-American model to wear the Onyx mask, according to Cheat Sheet.

Offensive and “culturally out of touch”

Within an hour, several netizens slammed Kim Kardashian West’s launch posts on both Twitter and Instagram. In the comment sections, many individuals shared their thoughts as to how “offensive” the celebrity and the post were.

One user commented that the “nude shade” for the “Black model” is inaccurate. The critic also added that it is very “offensive” and “culturally out of touch.”

Others chimed in and expressed the same sentiments. Based on their reception, calling the black shade “nude” while a Black model wears it is highly inappropriate. Another individual also emphasized that she is black, but, she is “sure” that it is not her shade.

Others also pointed out that Kim Kardashian “should do better” being a wife to a black man and a mother to her black kids.

Netizens called for support on small businesses

As the criticisms for the black shade continue to develop, several Twitter users, on the other hand, encouraged, instead, the purchasing of masks from small businesses. Many people pointed out that consumers should not buy masks from big “billionaire companies,” like Kim Kardashian West’s SKIMS.

Aside from being not a helpful tool to protect people from the novel coronavirus, the followers also said that this is just a great form of “capitalism.” This is why several small business owners and entrepreneurs went on to post some of their mask products on the same thread.

Avid fans, supporters defended Kim Kardashian

Amid all the controversies about the masks, the first collection had reportedly gone out of stock in less than 30 minutes. Kim Kardashian also said that the next batch will be available next week.

However, the celebrity did not directly address the issues surrounding the masks. Nevertheless, her fans and supporters reportedly defended her from the critics.

Some people stated that it is pointless to get mad, given that the model herself did not reportedly feel “inappropriate” or offended. Also, the brand released a statement explaining that the shades of the masks are made that way to complement the same shades that they have for their other products.

In the end, though, Kim Kardashian has remained silent about the whole debacle.

Featured Image courtesy of Liam Goodner/Shutterstock

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