Kim Kardashian included hair, makeup, nails clause in her will

It takes Kim Kardashian two hours every morning to finish her hair and makeup.

As a celebrity and beauty mogul, maintaining her beauty is of the utmost importance for Kim Kardashian. It is not shocking given the status of her life today.

What is shocking, however, is that Kim has already prepared her “glam” when she grows old. As it happens, she included a clause for her hair, nails, and makeup in her last will, according to Cheat Sheet.

Kim Kardashian added the clause to her will

Kim Kardashian first discussed the “beauty clause” in 2018 with Kris Jenner. She, reportedly, explained to the momager that she had added a clause for her hair, makeup, and nails in hopes of ensuring to look her best, “no matter what” happens, especially if she becomes “bedridden.”

Jenner assured her daughter that she would do it when that time comes. “You will have great hair,” she added.

Despite the seriousness of the discussion, fans and followers thought that the KKW Beauty founder was joking. But, she confirmed in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she already updated the legal document.

Kardashian explained that she made that section on her last will to help her when she could no longer communicate, or “like sh*tting on myself.” She ended up saying that she wants to “look as good as possible.”

She always looks after her “best self”

Speaking to Into The Gloss, Kim Kardashian revealed that she “genuinely loves” the process of getting her hair and makeup done. She also described herself as “blessed,” noting that many of her friends do not wear makeup nor do their hair.

Aside from emphasizing the importance of maintaining her beauty, the reality star also touched on her skincare routines. She said that she always tries “many different things” and products.

Later on, Kim said that she always researches information that could help her more with her skincare. She added that she does not want to stick to “one face wash or moisturizer” alone.

Her morning routines

Getting ready in the morning is a long process for Kim Kardashian. She reportedly wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and starts her day with exercises.

Following her fitness routines, she moves on to focus on her kids. She prepares their meals and has them ready for school.

When all her children-related tasks are done, that is the only time Kim Kardashian proceeds with her hair and makeup. She said that it takes her and her “glam team” about two hours to finish her hair and makeup.

Featured image courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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