Kim Kardashian reveals OJ Simpson’s case divided her family

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Kim Kardashian spoke to David Letterman about the time her family was divided.

In the upcoming Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Kim Kardashian spoke about OJ Simpson’s murder trial.

The trial that had her parents, Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian Sr., take sides.

Robert became part of the OJ’s defense team alongside Johnnie Cochran.

Kris Jenner was a close friend of the person OJ, reportedly, murdered – Nicole Brown Simpson.

The KKW Beauty mogul reflected on what it was like for her, her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, and her brother, Rob.

Kim Kardashian: ‘It’s Unimaginable’

According to the 39-year-old mom, their family and OJ and Nicole and their kids, Sydney and Justin, went to Mexico for a family trip.

“Then this happening was kind of unimaginable,” she explained, referring to the devastating murder that happened in Brentwood in June 1994.

“Then, having your dad take one side, and your mom take the complete opposite side.”

When the former football star was arrested, Kim revealed that he reached out to Kris from prison.

The social media influencer recalls answering the phone as the entire Kardashian family sat down for dinner. The call was, reportedly, from jail, and it was OJ.

Kim Kardashian gave her mom the phone at that time and remembered, “I remember them getting into it. My mom was extremely vocal about her feelings.”

The case that tore the family

Kim Kardashian revealed, “It tore our family apart I’d say for the whole time of the trial.”

It was, reportedly, a trial that was difficult for the Kardashian kids.

“Kris believed that he murdered her friend, and that was traumatizing for her.”

The SKIMS creator added, “And then we’d go to my dad’s house, and it was a whole other situation there.”

She explained that OJ’s lawyers were there, and seeing them strategizing and planning made the Kardashian kids didn’t know what to believe or whose side to take.

“We didn’t want to hurt one of our parents’ feelings,” she told Dave.

The trial

Kim Kardashian was able to take a closer look at what happened in court when she attended in person.

Their mom, reportedly, didn’t know their dad took them out to attend the hearing.

Kim and Kourtney sad behind OJ Simpson at the trial, while Kris sat with Nicole’s parents.

“We look over at my mom, and she’s giving us this death stare like, ‘What are you doing out of school? What are you doing here?’”

Kim then received the best advice from Kourtney, who, reportedly, just said, “And Kourtney and I were like, ‘Just look straight. Do not look at mom.’”

Kim’s decision

However, following the trial, OJ Simpson was acquitted of all charges related to the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

This is the first time Kim has spoken out on the case out of respect for Nicole’s kids.

“I’ve never expressed how I felt because I just respect his children.” She added how she doesn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings publicly.

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