Kim Kardashian thinks Kylie had plastic surgery to look like her: rumor

Kim Kardashian thinks Kylie had plastic surgery to look like her: rumor

Kim Kardashian is, allegedly, gossiping about her sister, Kylie Jenner.

According to In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian thinks that Jenner underwent plastic surgery to look like her.

The mom of four is, allegedly, worried about Jenner knowing what she thinks of her. After all, her husband, Kanye West, is threatening to tell Jenner the truth.

Kanye West has hidden recordings of Kim Kardashian, her family

An unnamed source told the tabloid that West has hidden recordings and dirt files on the Kardashian-Jenner clan. And this is, allegedly, one of the reasons why Kardashian is rethinking her plans to divorce her husband.

West also, allegedly, became upset with Jenner was declared as a billionaire last year, and he wasn’t. But it was recently revealed that the makeup mogul wasn’t a billionaire after all.

“There’s no love lost between the two, so he would go there with her and plastic surgery. Kim always gossips about Kylie did the same exact things with her same doctors to try to look exactly like her. That’s something Kanye would have noted in his files. He writes down everything. Or he records it in the studio and people don’t even realize it,” the source said.

Kim Kardashian is worried about Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is worried about Kanye West

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is, allegedly, worried about what West will do next. Since he suffers from bipolar disorder, they don’t, allegedly, want to set him off.

But the source also said that what West says in public can be used against him when he fights for custody of his children.

“Kim’s biggest fear is losing custody or Kanye taking the kids to his Wyoming ranch for months on end… With a few tweets, he can destroy the entire family and everything they’ve worked so hard for,” the source said.

Kardashian-West family allegedly trying to fix their problems

Despite the recent controversies surrounding Kim Kardashian and West, a source told TMZ that the former is still trying to save her marriage.

After reuniting in Wyoming last week, the Kardashian-West clan, reportedly, went on a private family vacation to work their issues out.

And one person who’s in West’s corner amid the issues is his former in-law, Caitlyn Jenner. Even though the two haven’t talked for quite some time, Jenner had nothing but positive things to say about West.

“Well, honestly I don’t know. Since all of this has come down, I have just kind of watched it just like everybody else. I haven’t had a chance [to speak to him], he is living up in Wyoming most of the time,” Jenner told Good Morning Britain (via Daily Mail).

As of late, it is unclear if Jenner has spoken to Kim Kardashian.

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