Kim Kardashian struggling to date again after Hollywood hunks avoid her: Rumor

Kim Kardsahian struggling to date again after Hollywood hunks avoid her: Rumor

Kim Kardashian is, allegedly, struggling to date again after several hunky men in Hollywood vowed not to be with her.

According to National Enquirer, a lot of men know what happened to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage. And they’re, allegedly, worried to go down the same path years from now.

“Kim is starting to understand that from the outside looking in, dating her doesn’t look too attractive. She’s been told that even one date with her could make a guy feel like he’s running away and joining the circus. It’s a billion-dollar circus, of course, but it’s still a circus and most A-list actors and music industry types just don’t have room in their life for that kind of nightmare,” the source said.

Kim Kardashian interested in Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan

The insider alleged that Kardashian hopes to get invites from Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan. However, both A-listers have not shown any interest in the reality TV star.

“People automatically take shots at anyone connected to Kim, so what’s in it for a guy like Chris or Michael? Kim is radioactive right now because chances are strong that if you date her, you’ll end up being mentioned in a Kanye West song, and who wants that?” the source added.

Kim Kardashian should try to date a politician?

The source also claimed to know where Kim Kardashian could potentially find love again.

Kim’s best bet is to look in the worlds of politics and law, where she’s gotten quite comfortable, for her next serious relationship. Showbiz people have gotten wise to her,” the source said.

However, Kardashian hasn’t said anything about wanting to date again. After all, she and West just announced their divorce after several years of marriage.

Kanye West having post-split negotiations with Kim 

Kanye West having post-split negotiations with Kim

With this, Star also alleged that the parents of four are currently having their post-split negotiations.

Kardashian and West are, allegedly, deciding on what they should do with their $14 million Wyoming ranch.

“Kanye loves Wyoming and his compound there, but his family is in L.A. He realizes she’ll need a home base in L.A. in order to see them,” the source said.

If Kardashian and West won’t agree on selling the place, the insider alleged that they could just rent it out.

However, Kim Kardashian and West’s post-split negotiations are considered private. As such, it’s unlikely for a tabloid to know all these details.

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