Kim Min Jae graces a photoshoot and interview with Esquire

Kim Min Jae participated in a working photoshoot and interview for Esquire Korea.

Currently, Kim Min Jae is in the drama Do You Like Brahms? as a world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young.

Although the drama is a love story, it focuses mainly on the dreams, hopes, and subsequent hardships of classical music students.

Gratitude for the drama

Kim Min Jae shared that he is thankful for the love the drama has been receiving. At the same time, it seems like many people relate to the hardships of Song Ah and Joon Young.

At first glance, the drama can appear a bit frustrating, but he honestly thinks they live to the extent. Having that said, that is the reason why he chose to appear in the project.

The pressure

In his role, Min Jae plays the piano personally. Speaking of the difficulties, he said that it was tight before they started filming because she only had a month to prepare.

However, the songs in the latter half are challenging. That is why Min Jae is preparing, but honestly, he did not know what will happen. He wants to do it by himself because the expression is entirely different.

He also talked about what he puts the most effort into these days, revealing that he has maintained his mental health at pace. He wants to make his mind and body happy and supported.

Kim Min Jae focuses on his career

As Kim Min Jae is focusing on his career, he discussed some numerous occasions. He desires to venture further into world music.

Although how much he loves music and dancing, his attention comes straightforward to filming.

Some things would be an excellent synergy for actors to participate in the production of OSTs. The actor is waiting for the day to be given a chance, and he will do it confidently.

Image courtesy of KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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