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Kim Seon Ho of ‘Start-Up’ tops November brand rankings for drama actors


One of the male leads of the uncomplicated and genius plotted Korean drama Start-Up described by Cosmopolitan, Kim Seon Ho, ranked on top of the November brand reputation rankings for drama actors.

The Korean Business Research Institute has now spilled the November brand rankings for drama actors.

Along with the Tale of the Nine-Tailed star Lee Dong Wook and his co-male lead in Start-Up Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho becomes one of the top three knockouts in the race.

The ranked 50 actors for the November rankings appeared in dramas between October 29 and November 29.

The rankings also analyzed the actors’ media coverage, interaction, participation, and community indexes to come up with the results.

Start-Up making waves in November’s list

Topping this month’s list is the star of Start-Up, Kim Seon Ho. The drama he is currently starring in is one of the most talked K-drama on Netflix these days. The actor scored a brand reputation index of 6,024,503 for November.

In his keyword analysis, Kim Seon Ho’s High-ranking phrases included “popular”, “Suzy”, and “2 Days & 1 Night”.

While “confess”, “vanquish”, and “suspicious” are his highest-ranking related terms. A score of 82.40 percent positive reactions was recorded for Kim Seon Ho’s positivity-negativity analysis.

Placing second for the November rankings is Nam Joo Hyuk. He garnered a brand reputation index of 5,787,606.

Meanwhile, the Tale of the Nine-Tailed star Lee Dong Wook, with a total index of 5,503,107, followed at a close third.

Here are the top 30 actors for November

  • Kim Seon Ho
  • Nam Joo Hyuk
  • Lee Dong Wook
  • Park Ha Sun
  • Uhm Ji Won
  • Lee Do Hyun
  • Lee Ji Ah
  • Kim So Yeon
  • Jo Bo Ah
  • Lee Jae Wook
  • S.E.S.’s Eugene
  • Go Ara
  • Jin Ki Joo
  • Ong Seong Wu
  • Bae Sung Woo
  • Kim Bum
  • Suzy
  • Kwon Sang Woo
  • Uhm Ki Joon
  • Jeon In Hwa
  • Kang Han Na
  • Kim Sa Rang
  • Lee Jang Woo
  • Ahn Bo Hyun
  • Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun
  • Jung Da Bin
  • Yoo In Na
  • Hwang Shin Hye
  • Shin Ye Eun
  • Jang Hye Jin

Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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