Kim Tae Ri gears for her upcoming film ‘Space Sweepers’

Kim Tae Ri posed for the December issue of DAZED magazine and talked about her upcoming space adventure film.

The production chooses Kim Tae Ri to star in the upcoming space adventure film titled Space Sweepers. However, the theatrical release was postponed twice due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

About the film, Kim Tae Ri shared that she likes the script and the feeling of having a set in space with having a definite Korean touch about it.

No regrets

The actress went back on how her career reached this far and talked about her favorite place in the world.

She replied that she thinks she is doing well now. Tae Ri is not the kind of person who has many regrets in her life even if something unfavorable happens.

Tae Ri added that she wanted to be someone who knows how to love. Not the romantic kinds of love but as the person who can receive and give all types of love.

She thinks that all discord starts from someone who does not know how to love, affecting society’s perception.


Kim Tae Ri prefers to be on set

The interviewer also asked Tae Ri what kind of love she felt most recently. Tae Ri commented that she loves being on set.

It may be a photoshoot set or something like DAZED of a movie set. She feels this love more often than other love she knew.

She wanted to embrace it all in her heart and repay it someday in however she can. Moreover, she said that the world would be a more beautiful place if every person thinks about paying it forward.

As concluding the interview, Kim Tae Ri is satisfied with the present and on what she is and has at this moment in her life. That is why she does not make plans for the new year.


Image courtesy of EonTalk/YouTube Screenshot

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