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‘Kingdom Chapter’ 661 to feature the war’s aftermath


Fans are about to see the aftermath of the intense war between the quarreling kingdoms in Kingdom Chapter 661.

After the intense battle between the generals and their soldiers, Kingdom Chapter 661 will reveal the events after the war. So, whose side are you still on?

Chapter 661 spoilers

The previous episodes showed how Man’U and Houken differed from each other, especially when it came to their mental state before they joined the battlefield.

This was the reason why Moubo and others would try to recruit Man’U to join Qin in the upcoming chapter or the future installments.

Qin has been conquering many kingdoms as of late, but it is not a matter of dominating a realm, per BlockToro. What matters most is if Qin has managed to convince the defeated soldiers and Generals to join his side without starting a rebellion.

By the looks of it, the Juuko generals may join Qin in Kingdom Chapter 661 or the later chapters.

If Man’U and Moubu ever team up against the Chu, it will be an incredible sight to see in the new chapter.

Qin will need four strong generals if he wants to Unite as they all hate the Chu more than he does. Instead of killing the generals, he may only recruit them to be of good use as Wei is now taking the territory.

Chapter 660 recap

In the previous episode, Man’U got praises from Beki’s people, becoming the pillar that kept them afloat. He could become the King of Beki someday, as Enkou said they couldn’t continuously fight against the Chu. However, Enkou couldn’t help but fear that the country might fall under Chu’s hand, per Otakukart.

Man’U then told the king to reconsider things, to which the latter replied and reminded him of the countries the Chu had defeated that eventually became its slaves. Man’U promised that Beki would never suffer the same fate while he was still alive.

Elsewhere, the generals thought it would be a good thing for Man’U and Sento’Un to reunite. Man’U continuously fought for his people, but Beki ended up surrendering the city to the Chu.

When he returned, Man’U was surprised to know he had nowhere to go.

With all his might, he fought against the Chu armies. After weeks of fighting, the enemy escaped, leaving a young man’s lifeless body from Beki in front of him.

Man’U then became the enemy of the people he once protected, feeling betrayed by their move to surrender Beki and join the Chu army.

What will happen from here will be next seen on the release of Kingdom Chapter 661 on Saturday, Nov. 21, on Weekly Young Magazine.

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