‘Kingdom’ Chapter 668 spoilers reveal the real deal behind Shiki’s death

Kingdom Chapter 668

Kingdom Chapter 668 spoilers are now out, and it seems to reveal the real reason behind Kyou Shiki’s death.

The Kingdom Chapter 668 spoilers come out in the form of a manga panel. Fans have already translated most of it from Korean to English, giving the readers a glimpse of the full summary.

Chapter 668 full summary

In the Hi Shin Unit, Kai and Rei go against each other. Rei uses the mist technique against Kai and even mocked her by saying Shiki was way better at using the move.

Kai then reiterated, asking Rei why Shiki died if she were that good. Anyhow, Kai admitted Shiki was indeed a genius, but she is yet to show her real strength.

So, if Rei really wants to kill her, she has to do better. She then launches at her and calls her someone who can’t move on from the ritual.

Kingdom Chapter 668 will then feature a flashback, showing Ten asking Rei if she indeed killed Shiki, BlockToro noted.

Kai intervened by saying Rei probably did, making Ten think why Rei seems to be in the darkness.

She then asks if Rei will ever be saved, but Kai believes Shiki is the only one who can save Rei.

Rei, Kai’s intense fight

Back in the HSU, Rei talks to her sword, convincing it to fight harder. While fighting, Rei and Kai continuously talk about Shiki.

Kai seems to compare Shiki and Rei to each other. From here, Kai finally asks the question she has been longing to ask.

“How did Shiki die?” she said, to which Rei reveals she died “because she betrayed her.”

She then asks if they made a promise before they performed the ritual. Rey reveals they did the opposite. Shiki even told her it was the end of their “good relationship” and now enemies.

Despite her death, Shiki doesn’t want to die. However, the rituals turned for the worst, and the combat became so strong Rei herself didn’t know how long it lasted.

When Rei returned to consciousness, everyone seemed to be dead. She then felt someone was behind her.

One fighter, who she couldn’t see, struggled to fight. As Rei was about to say something, Shiki pushed off her back, making Rei slower, resulting in “her thrust versus her sister’s swing.”

Before her words can continue, Kingdom Chapter 668 ends.

A confusing teaser photo

Meanwhile, before the summary leaks, a single panel from the new chapter’s last page was revealed, and fans were confused about the image.

According to Epic Dope, in the snap, Rei could be seen stabbing someone from her clan. However, it couldn’t be determined who it was.

The girl in the picture seemed to be Kai, but it had different hair. So, this made others assumed that it was Shiki as the scene seemed to be from the ritual.

If it was indeed Shiki, the photo showed she was being stabbed, and it looked like she killed herself.

The question about if Rei killed Shiki or the latter killed herself might be answered on the release of Kingdom Chapter 668 on Sunday, Jan. 31.

Featured image used courtesy of kanegen/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

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