‘Kingdom’ Chapter 669: A possible Rei, Shiki rematch

Kingdom Chapter 669

After a week of delay, fans will finally see Kingdom Chapter 669. The spoilers and leaks are now circulating online, teasing a Rei and Shiki rematch.

Kingdom Chapter 669 may show the other side where Rei wants to face Shiki, just like how Kai confronted Shou. Rei can travel to the afterlife with Kai’s help, and here, she may finally meet her sister.

A flashback to Shiki’s death

According to Devdiscourse, the new chapter may begin with a flashback, featuring Shiki and Rei talking about their plans to do outside.

As Rei wants to raise a puppy, Shiki doesn’t have the chance to finish her words. “Well, for me,” she says, while Rei’s sword goes right through Shiki.

Rei looks confused, not understanding what’s happening. Later, Shiki dies.

As Rei reveals what happened during the ritual and how she killed Shiki, could Kai help her in Kingdom Chapter 669?

Rei’s confession

Back in the HSU, Rei confesses Shiki betrays her. Although they all agree to go all out each other, she stops her sword.

Instead of being the loser, Rei remains to be the last one standing, per BlockToro. The moment she pierces Shiki’s heart and sees her face in pain is enough to become a real Shiyuu.

She then attacks Kai and says they live in opposite worlds. She continues they can never be comrades because she’s a Shiyuu.

All she does is spread death from the darkness and even threats to bring them to Shiki by killing them all.

Kai then gets up and stresses her assumptions are wrong. She ten tells Rei there is no future in the darkness, and she has to come back.

If she manages to do this, it will only be the time that she will have the strength of a real Shiyuu.

Rei asks her to stop and questions her intent to bring her back. Kai then says the only one who can convince her to return is Shiki.

Kai orders Rei to remember Shiki. Though she always insists that Shiki said nothing when she died, she starts to recall what happened then.

Shiki’s apology

Another flashback happens, and this time, it shows Shiki apologizing to Rei, explaining she’s the one who’s not entirely “committed.”

She admits she can’t kill Rei using her own hands, and she’s even glad that she makes it until the end.

Shiki then commands her to live her life in the outside world and tells her she loves her.

After remembering this event, Rei starts to cry and confess to Kai that she hasn’t said anything to Shiki before she dies.

She then promises to live enough for Shiki. Kai then hugs Rei and convinces her to live properly.

Kingdom Chapter 669 is finally set to be out Sunday, Feb. 21.

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