‘Kingdom’ Chapter 671 to begin a new arc, introduce 6 Heavenly Generals

Kingdom Chapter 671

Fans are now looking forward to seeing Kingdom Chapter 671 as it may finally begin a new arc within the Zhao Invasion Saga.

The KyouKai mini-arc has now come to an end after giving fans a glimpse of Kai’s backstory and Shiyuu’s struggle. As things will start anew in Kingdom Chapter 671, fans will meet new characters, including the Six Heavenly Generals.

Chapter 671 spoilers, predictions, and more

According to Recent Highlights, fans are now excited to see the upcoming episode after the previous chapter ended with a major cliffhanger.

At the beginning of the new arc, readers are about to see an all-new Rei. She no longer looks like the bloodthirsty woman that she had once been.

The unhinged warrior is now out of the darkness, and her more optimistic outlook shows on her face.

She now looks cuter, going around the area admitting her mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and mending relationships.

Though she used to be a monster-like fighter, the real funny girl inside her has finally come out.

Elsewhere, Kingdom Chapter 671 will introduce the Six Heavenly Generals. As this system had been beneficial back in the day, would it still triumph in the manga series?

Capturing Zhao takes great effort, so it may be the reason why Qin reinstated the six-general system. So, who will these generals be?

The Six Heavenly Generals

Epic Dope noted the six generals are maybe composed of Moubu, Tou, Yotanwa, Ousen, and Kanki, while the sixth one is yet to be predicted.

Sure, Heki is the next top contender to be in the Great General position, but fans want Shin to take the place instead. If there is someone truly worth of the said promotion, for them, it is Shin.

In Kingdom Chapter 671, fans are about to see who will be selected to be part of the Six Heavenly Generals.

From here, they will instantly begin the works to make sure that the return of this system is worth it. They all have to ensure that the victory will surely go to Qin.

Kingdom Chapter 671 is set to be out on Thursday, Feb. 25. On the other hand, its raw scans are expected to drop two to three days before the official release date comes or anytime this day.

However, fans are advised to wait for Kingdom Chapter 671’s official release so that they could support the series and help the manga creators.

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