‘Kingdom’ Chapter 676: What plan Kanki has in mind?

Kingdom Chapter 676

Ousen will have a reason to capture Heiyou and Bujou in Kingdom Chapter 676 after Koucho enters 150,000 armies on the battlefield against Kanki’s 10,000 soldiers.

It looks like Kanki has a different plan in mind, asking the continuation of the attacks against Zhaos’ greatest General. With the continuation of the Coalition/Sanyou level arc in Kingdom Chapter 676, fans can expect it to be more intense.

Chapter 676 spoilers, predictions, and more

According to Epic Dope, Kanki continues the attack, so Ousen may tell Ouhon and Shin to move with the left-wing.

Fans may see Ouhon making a desperate move, surrendering Zhao, which may finally make Kanki and Shin show up.

Kanki may be planning to set up Ousen, finding a way to slip in and taking the victory for himself.

Knowing how he works, he can be an ally or a foe, whatever benefits him to climb up the top.

As the battle continues in Kingdom Chapter 676 and the coming installments, fans will know more about Kanki’s plan.

Chapter 675 recap

In Kingdom Chapter 675, the main unit of Kanki’s team dealt with the casualties after Zao’s advantage at the Eikyuu frontlines.

Maron, Kanki’s close adviser, went to the frontline after the Gyoku Hout unit’s eye to leave Eikyuu. They then sent Kanki a message to tell him about their plan.

Ouhon knew that taking Eikyuu would give them a “strategic advantage.” However, he still asked Maron to tell Kani to rework his plan.

He understood it’s impossible to defeat someone like Zhao with the terrain disadvantage they had over Eikyuu.

Maron, alternatively, mocked the Gyoku Hou unit and ordered to capture Eikyuu instead.

Elsewhere, the Hi Shin Unit now reached the frontline. Anyhow, they’re yet to receive an order to join the fight on the battlefield.

Shin then received the news that Gyoku Hou joined the Kanki’s left-wing and turned out to be their main force.

The Gyoku Hou unit was left with no choice but to attack Zhao, beginning the assault on Eikyuu.

The intense battle will then continue in Kingdom Chapter 676.

Release date, publication details, and more

Kingdom Chapter 676 will drop on Sunday, April 11, per Anime Manga News. Its raw scans, alternatively, will be out three to four days before its official release date comes.

Its English translation can be seen on the To Love-Ru manga website.

Fans are advised to read Kingdom Chapter 676 on its official websites instead. This way, they can help the manga creators and everyone who works behind the scenes.

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