‘Kingdom’ Chapter 683: Will Hi Shin Unit comes out the victor?

Kingdom Chapter 683

The Hi Shin Unit will do its best to come out as the victor in Kingdom Chapter 683. If this army manages to win, it will pave the way for Qin to fulfill his mission.

Zhao is still enjoying its sweet spot, defending all the sites under its cover. However, if it happens to lose on one front, Ou Sen will have the chance to take advantage of it. Will it happen in Kingdom Chapter 683?

The Battle against Zhao

According to Recent Highlights, this is the best time to strike Zhao, especially since Riboku is currently indisposed.

Zhao is now vulnerable and the last of defense it got is General Kochou. Sure, the general is a formidable opponent, but it will give Qin a chance to take over more of its territory when he is out.

So, in Kingdom Chapter 683, Qin is about to continue to achieve its dreams.

Meanwhile, Kyou Rei may play a significant role in Hi Shin Unit’s fight. Rai has been closely supporting Kyo Kai before.

So, this may be the best time to reciprocate.

Conquering the Zhao Forces

Thanks to the power of the infantry, Hi Shin Unit has now taken over the Zhao forces. Its brave and strong men are now ready for intense physical labor.

They have done everything they can to build up their strength, letting the cavalry unit do the hard work. Sadly, Zhao has no idea of what it can do.

So, what is their plan for it? Most of the infantry hides, while the young ones, led by Kanto, travels to another side.

After they have reached the top of the cliff, they have successfully eliminated the traps.

The older folks now have the chance to climb easily without worrying about the risks and dangers. They then push the Zhao backward, forcing them to regroup and call for reinforcements.

From here, Rei attacks the Zhao forces, followed by the infantry. Shin then follows in with a cavalry up the cliff and commends the foot soldiers.

Other Turn of Events

Epic Dope noted Zhao has been getting shocks because it doesn’t take Shin seriously. This unit has to take note that Shin is the one who kills six Zhao generals and three of them are said to be the strongest in their line.

Elsewhere, Raido may die in Kingdom Chapter 683 because of his greediness. He may also provoke someone he thought he could handle, which might lead to his demise.

Ryuu Haku, in addition, will do everything to fight for his son and not for the King. If Ryuu Haku’s soldiers make it here, they must fight the encirclement to reach it, facing Raido’s men to fight.

Kingdom Chapter 683 is set to be out on Thursday, June 13.

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