‘Kingdom’ Chapter 687: What will Kan Ki, Gochou do after Raido’s death?

Kingdom Chapter 687

The news about Raido’s death may start to spread in Kingdom Chapter 687.

Sadly, General Kan Ki has failed to save his faithful servant and General Kochou has made his way against him. Now, it remains to be seen what Kan Ki will do in Kingdom Chapter 687.

The Death of Raido

Kan Ki will learn the news of Raido’s death in the upcoming installment.

According to Epic Dope, as the general may not tell even a single word to Kochou, he now has to think hard of Kan Ki’s plans.

He may be prepared for what is about to come, but he has no idea what game Kan Ki is about to play.

By the looks of it, the only revelation Raido did is telling Kochou that they are about to lose.

The ex-bandit knows Kan Ki’s plans and seems to be confident about it in Kingdom Chapter 687.

Though no one saw how he died, the result of his torture might end on the battlefield.

Kan Ki might already have received a report about Raido’s torture and will surely avenge the death of his man.

If this happens, Kan Ki is about to face an opponent who is as ruthless as him. This time, he will not have the psychological advantage and even need more emotional manipulation to win.

What Will Kochou Do?

Recent Highlights noted that as fans are eager to see what Kan Ki will do, Kouchou may replace the loss of an important part of his troop with a younger and stronger fighter.

However, Kan Ki has no one as strong as Raido.

As the battle now looks hopeless, Qin shall not be affected by this significant blow. It shall never destroy his army, so it is also worth seeing what will happen to the dysfunctional army of bastards.

Kochou probably saw Raido as a piece of trash, as well as his army. Raido was known for being an invader who became a valuable Zhao leader.

Despite that, Kochou believed Raido did the right thing on the spot. If he were on his feet, he would probably do the same.

Anyhow, receiving praise amid the war meant nothing. He was already dead and even his people clamored for the end of their lives.

Though they seemed to save the best for last, letting Raido lived far longer than others, he was still tortured.

So, Kingdom Chapter 687 may give more details and glimpses of Kochou and his relationship with his people when it releases Wednesday, July 21.

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