‘Kingdom’ Chapter 701 spoilers: Will Riboku return to fight Kanki?

Kingdom Chapter 701

Fans are now looking forward to seeing the next turn of events in Kingdom Chapter 701 after hinting at Riboku’s return.

Things are incredibly heating with the theories of Riboku’s comeback. With how the story goes, does this mean another Hakuki is about to be born?

A Surprising Return

Fans cannot help but assume that Riboku is returning and maybe fighting Kanki.

These two are known for being both geniuses and their fight is surely a must-see.

Recent Highlights noted the King of Zhao is summoning Riboku back. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, evidence is pointing out at this return.

Now that the great Kochou is gone, Riboku and Shibashou are the only hopes Zhao has. However, as Shibashou may never leave his station, Riboku is the only one who can go.

There may be another battle against Qin and he may defend the capital, preventing the country from being absorbed.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Chapter 701 raw scans hint at a new phase in the battle.

Kanki is going to conquer more places, while General Riboku arrives to “fortify defenses.” He will patiently wait for his chance and take advantage of Kanki’s departure as soon as the latter leaves his post.

When it is finally unattended, Riboku will make a major blow on him.

Kingdom Season 4

Meanwhile, aside from the intense turn of events in the manga, its anime version is now celebrating its renewal.

Fans are about to see Kingdom Season 4 on the small screen after its official Twitter handle announced its return, via Comicbook.

“TV anime Kingdom 4th series will be broadcast in the spring of 2022! The next chapter of Kingdom drawn after the biggest battle in history, “Joint Army Edition”!” it reads. “Chengjiao with a fearless smile. There are signs of new turmoil in Qin, which has overcome the crisis of national survival …?!”

The franchise has now dropped an official look at the new season, hinting how intense it can be.

The anime has released more than one hundred episodes so far throughout the three seasons.

Its manga has over 70 million copies in circulation and is the second top-selling series in 2020.

Though it, reportedly, does not make it big in the West, it has become hugely successful in its own right.

The manga continues today and is now in its 701st chapter. So, expect its creator, Yasuhisa Hara, to make plenty more materials for the new season to cover.

He, too, will continuously expand the world of Xin and the Qin Empire.

There are no words yet on when Kingdom Season 4 will be out, but Kingdom Chapter 701 will drop on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

Featured image used courtesy of Nedflix/YouTube Screenshot

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