‘Kingdom’ Chapter 702 spoilers: The much-awaited fight between Li Mu, Kanki


Li Mu will make a comeback in Kingdom Chapter 702 after Kakukai chooses to call him in his most desperate move.

Fans have been waiting for Li Mu’s return and it will finally happen in Kingdom Chapter 702. So, will there be a fight between him and Kanki?

The return of Li Mu

Fans will finally see Li Mu back in action and the most-awaited fight between him and Kanki’s forces will happen.

Epic Dope noted that it would be one of the biggest battles in the series, so fans can expect it to be truly epic.

Aside from these two, readers are also waiting to see the battle between Renpa and the Qin. Sadly, the manga has just teased an event that is not yet happening.

Anyhow, as there seem to be no options left after Kakukai decides not to send his message of help to Renpa, it looks like Li Mu is his only hope.

With Li Mu’s coming to Kingdom Chapter 702, will he manage to help the Prime Minister?

Chapter 701 recap

Meanwhile, in Kingdom Chapter 701, Zhao got excited about Renpa’s coming. However, other politicians recalled how Renpa once abandoned them, OtakuKart News noted.

The guy who met Renpa returned and said the King refused to accept Renpa, knowing he was exiled before.

The messenger tried to convince him to change his mind, but the politicians decided to eliminate him. It was revealed that the Zhao Three Great Heavens Riboku would face Kanki of the Qin Great Six three years later.

Elsewhere, a guy revealed Kanki killed everyone who surrendered during the battle in Kantan. The revelation surprised many as the man continued to reveal everything he knew about Kanki’s motives during the fight.

They learned thousands of their kinds were burned to ashes and some of them were even beheaded.

From here, they decided to join the next battle and annihilate Kanki and his soldiers. Kakukai started to think of their next step.

The politicians even relied on him, as the Qin forces, who defeated General Kochou, were ready to infiltrate Heiyou and Bujou’s castles.

Rumors had it the Chancellor wanted to escape the North. Despite that, he demanded the protection of the King and escape, knowing the country’s pillar must remain alive.

Though many saw it as good news, Kakukai believed it was stupid. He revealed why they should not escape and wondered if there could be a general around Kantan who would become the Supreme Commander after Kochou.

What will happen next? Find out when Kingdom Chapter 702 drops on Sunday, Dec. 5.

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