‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ possible release date, series direction revealed

Main protagonist, Sora, for 'Kingdom Hearts 4'

There is still not yet concrete information whether or not Kingdom Hearts 4 is already in the works.

However, fans may rest in the idea that a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 is likely, as per Tetsuya Nomura.

While by no means official just yet, series director Tetsuya Nomura claims that the series will continue. If this is hinting anything, it is the probability that Kingdom Hearts 4 is somewhat planned for making.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Likely Release Window

With no longer a DLC following the release of ReMind for Kingdom Hearts 3, fans are only yearning more from the series. This also means a possible growing interest in the coming months.

In a PR initiative by Square Enix called 13 Questions of Darkness, the famed director gave a statement regarding ‘another Kingdom Hearts game.’

Without being explicit as to whether or not the game will be a main entry into the series or a spinoff, Nomura claimed that ‘it will take some time’ for it to make.

Making for a surprising twist, however, is the director’s revelation of another Kingdom Hearts project being in the works. One that will likely come out sooner than expected.

The Onset of Delay

Making further disclosure to the audience is his statement regarding the company’s ‘organizational changes’ which took place soon after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. He also stated that such alteration in the company, in essence, influenced the timeline for ReMind.

Right now, there is literally no way of saying when the next major iteration to Kingdom Hearts is going to take place. However, considering the recent events and how long triple-A titles are made, our best guess is that we will not be seeing Kingdom Hearts 4 in the next 2 years.

But, then again, the Kingdom Hearts team may well be already in the planning stages for the game. No one truly knows at this point.

Possible Gameplay

The series has not really departed much in terms of the core gameplay mechanics as originally seen from the first Kingdom Hearts game. While Kingdom Hearts adds new features per every new iteration in the series, they all share similar action RPG gameplay.

It is too early yet to speculate. However, it is with a degree of confidence that Kingdom Hearts 4 will not be any different. At least, not in the core gameplay which essentially cemented the series as among the best in the genre.

Images used courtesy of YouTube/KINGDOM HEARTS

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