‘Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’ unveils new screenshots and characters

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road unveils new screenshots and characters

Upcoming mobile Kingdom Hearts title Dark Road showed off various in-game screenshots and revealed four never-seen-before characters to the universe.

Developer and publisher Square Enix had some big news this week regarding their upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. According to a recent Twitter post, the mobile spin-off title will introduce four brand new characters to the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Square Enix also released quite a few in-game screenshots, showing off some stills of the card-based RPG‘s combat, menu systems, and story-telling.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’s new characters

On June 9,2020, the official Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Twitter account released four images, each one highlighting a never-before-seen character. Their names were also revealed as Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod.

As Kingdom Hearts often is, the new additions are as enigmatic as ever, with no information being provided by Square Enix as to what their roles will be in the overarching story-line.

Though judging from how chummy they look in the pictures, it can be surmised that the four new additions were probably friends of the young Xenanort and Eraqus.

The Twitter screenshot reveal

Yesterday, the official Dark Road twitter page unveiled their new in-game screenshots by cleverly asking fans to follow their account, then tag them in a tweet with the hashtag “KHDRScreenshotPreview.”

The Twitter account would then respond with one of eight different screenshots, giving fans a sneak peek at the game’s battle sequence or cutscenes.

The chronicles of Xenanort

Square Enix has been pretty stingy with details of Dark Road’s story-line, though it’s clear that the game will serve as sort of a prequel to the series.

Moreover, the mobile spin-off will revolve around a young Xenanort—the prime antagonist from the mainline games—and his then companion, Eraqus.

It’ll be interesting to see how the new characters fit into the franchise’s overall narrative, and how they’ll impact the events set in the future.

Kingdom Heart: Dark Road’s gameplay

With the release of the new screenshots, it can be seen that Dark Road’s graphical style draws heavy influences from the previous mobile Kingdom Hearts title Union x[Cross].

Even the battle systems show some similarities, though the main theme behind Dark Road’s combat seems to be the strategic use of cards.

There could be an even deeper connection between the two mobile titles since Union x[Cross] will allow gamers to launch Dark Road from directly within the game.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was initially slated for a Spring 2020 release, but was recently delayed without an estimated launch window. Square Enix did promise another announcement this month, so eager fans will want to stay tuned.

Image courtesy of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road/Twitter

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