‘Kingdom Hearts’ developer already working on a “new title”

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer snapshot

The team behind the Kingdom Hearts is said to be working on a new title for the series—and it is not Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory might be what is pre-occupying the Kingdom Hearts team at Square Enix, which is a game that is bound for release this coming November 13, 2020. Although the game is said to follow on where Kingdom Hearts 3 left off, the game is more of a spinoff than a main entry.

Based on Interview

In an interview by Famitsu, game creator Tetsuya Nomura talked about the Kingdom Hearts series. Originally in Japanese, Twitter user, aitaikimochi, take the effort of translating the discourse to English.

The interviewer asks Nomura as to the future of the series, considering the cliffhanger ending that players saw in Kingdom Hearts 3. While Tetsuya Nomura was not explicit in revealing details, he claims that he already has something in mind. Likely, an insinuation that the project is still in the thinking stage, where nothing has been finalized yet.

In addition, he claims that players can also expect it to come around 2022, which celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary.

Too Long a Wait

Two years from now may be sufficient enough time to make a triple-A title. But it seems also likely that what the series creator refers to could be another spinoff in the series. After all, it took 15 years before the true sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 appeared with Kingdom Hearts 3. That is, with the justification that spinoff titles on the franchise were developed in the interim.

The latter is mostly a speculation, of course. But its not hardly far away from reality. This is also considering the fact that Tetsuya Nomura is perhaps the busiest person in the industry. Him having to resume the role of co-director to another major IP within Square Enix, particularly Final Fantasy VII Remake, playing the role to it.

A ‘Next-gen’ Title

Should a new Kingdom Hearts titles be released by then, it’s likely that it would be for the next-gen platform. The PlayStation is a likely candidate. But also a possibility for an Xbox Series X release, due to a growing partnership between Square Enix and Microsoft.

Whether or not the next installment to Kingdom Hearts is yet another spinoff or not, no one can tell for now. Nomura himself is not disclosing anything concrete. But he is encouraging everyone to keep their eyes peeled for future “surprises.”

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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