‘Kingdom Hearts’ PC now available on Epic Games

Kingdom Hearts PC now exclusively available on Epic Games Store

The entire game of “Kingdom Hearts” on PC entails four titles, which are all exclusively available on Epic Games Store.

Kingdom Hearts dropped the announcement trailer for its arrival on PC earlier in February. Several avid players and fans of the game have since waited for the actual release until Tuesday, when it officially hits Epic Games.

While some individuals already know where to start and how the game goes, others are still likely “overwhelmed” by its move to PC. Accordingly, it makes sense why publications continue to release quick guides for the material.

The four Kingdom Hearts titles available for PC

Tech Times released a report on Monday detailing all the titles that Kingdom Hearts offers to its players. As it happens, the series is divided into four collections.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix serves as the “remastered collection” of the entire game. It houses six game titles, including the Kingdom Hearts I Final Mix and Kingdom Heart II Final Mix.

It also features “Re: Chain of Memories,” which bridges the gap between I and II, “358/2 Days,” “Birth by Sleep Final Mix,” and “Re: Coded.”

The second collection titled, “HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue,” has three game titles. These are the “Dream Drop Distance HD,” “0.2 Birth by Sleep,” and “X Black Cover.

The four Kingdom Hearts titles available for PC

Fans and players may also get the Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (DLC.) As the collection name states, it houses the original titular games. It also features the new adventure worlds of Tangled, Monsters Inc., Frozen, and Toy Story.

As for the fourth title collection, it carries the name “Melody of Memory,” which covers Kairi’s memories. It is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts III DLC.

About its exclusivity on Epic Games store

Reports said that getting the game into every PC is quite “easy” for gamers and PC users. As noted, the game titles and collections are now all available for download only on Epic Games.

Following the news of exclusivity, some netizens expressed interest in the game if it arrives on Steam. This then led many people to ask whether the PC version will be available on the said platform.

Den of Geek reported that there is “no word” yet on when or if Kingdom Hearts will also be on Steam. Even so, there is still a possibility in the future, given the history of some previously exclusive games from Epic Store.

Images courtesy of KINGDOM HEARTS/YouTube

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