‘Kingdom’ Season 3 Episode 10: Can Qin Generals escape echelon sweep?

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10

The warriors have to face an unexpected danger in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10. Mou Bu army has to brave this threat, and fans will see how they will do so.

The odds are now against the Mou Bu army, but they remain to be standing strong. However, can they continue to win in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10 despite the looming danger?

A Great Danger Looming

Titled “A Promotion in a Predicament,” the elephants’ arrival surprised all the Qin Generals. This is not the type of enemy they usually deal with.

From its gigantic size to its loud sound, the land animals have easily destroyed the Qin soldiers’ morale. The beasts quickly kill them, but General Tou doesn’t lose hope, Recent Highlights noted.

He trusts his warriors can make it, believing the commanding Generals will find a way to defeat their new enemies.

True to his hunch, General Rokuomi sees their opponents’ commander and quickly charges toward him.

He manages to ride an elephant, but the Chu forces are already ahead of him in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10.

General Ka Rin is known for his incredible skills. No one can expect her ulterior motive, not even Qin.

Anyhow, Wa Lin may also have other strategies in mind as she remains sitting in her camp and watching the battle.

Ei Sei says no one can think of using an echelon sweep in a battle, but he knows General Han Ming’s army can make it.

So, fans are about to see Qin launch a general offensive that can stop and defeat the echelon sweep.

Episode 9 Recap

In Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9, Cheng Hu attacked Qin with gigantic poisonous smoke balls, though to no avail.

The General then asked his troop to drawback. The Han army’s departure made Kan Ki puzzled of what Cheng was thinking.

Qiang Lei then arrived in Shanai, Land of Zhao, and listened to stories about the Hangu Pass battle and surprised to learn that the bridge had already fallen.

Elsewhere, Xin continued to fight despite the wounded arm. The scene then shifted to the ministers’ discussion about the coalition army’s “draw-out battle” plan.

The battle was already on its 15th day. The Zhao coalition army, along with its commanders, marched toward the Hangu Pass.

The battle against Lord Biao began, while Wang Jian’s troops faced Yan army and Chu’s people battled Meng Wu and Teng’s soldiers.

Brigade commander Bi remembered Lord Changwen’s words about breaking through the Chu army, per Epic Dope.

If they managed to break through Meng Wu’s line, they could go to the mountains and take Hangu Pass from the side.

However, Mengu vowed to crush Han Ming’s head, while Ren Ao seemed confused about the right-wing army.

As the fight started to get pretty intense, a soldier surprisingly charged at Bi from behind. Han Ming ordered 5,000 more soldiers to come to the right and welcome the incoming enemies.

Meng Wu countered this move by ordering his men to start their attacks from the left. From here, the echelon sweep began.

What happens next can be seen when Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10 drops on Monday, June 7.

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