‘Kingdom’ Season 3 Episode 14: Chance for the tide to change

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14

Fans are about to miss Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 as the anime will be on a break in two weeks.

After Meng Wu and one of Qin’s finest generals lost, it has badly affected Qin’s chance to win in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14. This will just make the situation worse for them that they may accept their defeat in Hangu Pass.

Is there a chance for the tide to change?

The Fall of Meng Wu

The fall of Meng Wu may begin a series of losses for Qin. Meng Wu and Chu Zi have a beautiful story to tell.

Aside from being childhood friends, they always lean on each other, Recent Highlights noted.

Chu Zi has excellent knowledge when it comes to tactical stuff. He is the only one who can persuade Meng Wu to try tactical warfare.

Fortunately, Meng Wu listens and tries to do. This newfound talent gives him a shot at the Chu general Han Ming.

However, it remains a big question if Han Ming indeed defeats one of Qin’s Six Great Generals.

Though it may be true, his physical ability still does not prove his capability as a general. Sure, he has made an impressive feat, but Meng Wu does not mind.

In fact, he is more excited to unleash his full power.

So, in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14, fans are about to witness the battle between Qin and Chu’s armies.

Hang Mi cannot use his physical strength alone to break through the Hangu Pass. So, he has to make some tactical moves to get through with it.

Can he do that?

Episode 13 Recap

In Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13, Roukumi and Kanou returned to attack the behind part of Karim’s army.

As she thought the gigantic elephants already killed them, they were still alive, The News Pocket noted.

The battle between Moubu and Kanmei’s people was getting pretty intense by the minute, especially after the first wave attack.

Moubou had yet to make any move. He remained relaxed with 5,000 people by his side.

He made another wave of attack, sending out another 10,000 armies, targeting the opponents’ left and right sides.

A flashback was then featured, showing Moubu discussing a strategy with Shouhekun to use against Kanmei and lure them out.

As the edges of Kanmei’s army slowly weakened, he started to send his men to control the situation. This left him without any men by his side, so Moubou began to move and marched with 5,000 people.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 will be out on Sunday, July 20.

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