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‘Kingdom’ Season 3 Episode 5 to go on a lengthy hiatus


Fans have to wait for four months before they finally get to see what will happen in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5. The show will be on a hiatus and will return in 2021.

The show has dropped four episodes so far, but Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 will not continue until April next year. By the looks of it, the COVID-19 pandemic still has something to do with the long break.

The rescheduled release

The title released a new promotional video that revealed what would happen next to treat the awaiting fans. In a tweet, it also announced the late broadcast that surprised many.

“TV anime “#Kingdom” Broadcasting will resume from April 2021 on NHK General TV!” the tweet read. “I drew ‘indomitable faith’ We have released a special news PV and a new visual!”

The clip gave a glimpse of Xin, determined to prepare for the big battle, and it ended with the release’s reschedule.

On the other hand, the post showed Xin, wearing a blood-covered armor. Although it hinted at a bloody fight that he possibly surpassed, he was getting ready again for another battle.

The Episode 4 spoiler

In the previous episode, the war between Fei Xin forces and Qin continued. Xin wanted to lead the troops into the rear and stormed 10,000 soldiers, Epic Dope noted.

The army then climbed the Hangu pass but was welcomed by a shower of arrows. A siege tower was then headed toward the Zhang Tang Army Headquarters.

Although it didn’t manage to reach the pass’s walls, it suddenly made a bridge to the tower.

In Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5, there are hopes that the soldiers may finally reach the Hangu Pass walls to start Qin’s Downfall.

The lengthy hiatus

Meanwhile, it was already announced earlier this year that the anime would be delaying the release of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5.

The group insisted the series was running with “enough time allotted,” per Anime News Network. However, the Japanese government’s declaration of a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic badly affected its production schedule.

Hence, its schedule was moved to a later date.

Kingdom Season 3 began on April 5. It recently dropped its fourth episode, making fans wait for Episode 5.

Sadly, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 would drop in April 2021 on the NHK General TV channel. It would continuously explore the manga series’ Alliance arc and slowly shift into the Coalition Invasion arc storyline.

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