‘Kingdom’ season 3 renewal: Kim Eun-hee has 10-season plan

Netflix has yet to confirm Kingdom season 3 officially, but head writer Kim Eun-hee said she has stories for ten seasons.

The zombie series/period drama is an international success. A Netflix original show from South Korea, subscribers from Western countries, have also taken a shine for Kingdom season 1 and 2.

What’s on Netflix, however, puts the show’s renewal status as pending. While fans await the release of Kingdom season 3, its creator said that there are still more stories to mine beyond the zombie mythology.

“Strangely enough, Kingdom is a series that gives me more energy the more I write it,” Kim revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “The cast and crew all have great chemistry, and there’s so much more to tell. If viewers allow, I would love to see it develop even up to season 10.”

Is the series delayed?

Netflix announced on March 15 that production for all of its original shows would stop due to the pandemic. This likely affected filming for Kingdom season 3, which could explain the lack of updates from the set. With this in mind, the latest installment might not be ready until the final months of 2021 or early 2022.

Meanwhile, Kim said that the appetite for Kingdom is still there despite how close it is to real life. Some subscribers might not be hooked to follow the show next season because the series also touches on a plague.

The writer said, however, that viewers like the series for its entertainment value though it touches on a plague or an epidemic. Director Park In-je also acknowledged the comparisons between the show and the real-life pandemic.

“I don’t think people would hesitate to watch the series because it deals with a pandemic; I think they’ll accept it as a genre [series],” the director said.

A rumored prequel

Kingdom left a big cliffhanger at the end of season 2 with the brief appearance of Jun Ji Hyun, a popular Korean star. Netflix has been quiet about her actual role, and reports surfaced that she will be starring in a prequel.

Sources said that Kingdom season 3’s filming might pause for two to three years, but Jun will be working on a prequel story. Netflix, however, was quick to debunk the rumors, per Soompi. The streaming platform released a statement, as well as an indication of the fate of Kingdom season 3.

“Nothing has been decided yet on future plans for Kingdom,” the statement read. “There’s nothing we can confirm as of now, including the lead actors, screenwriter, or director. It hasn’t even been decided whether there will be a prequel or not.”

Image used courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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