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‘Kingdom’ Season 3 to return this summer; New visual drops!


After almost a year of delay, Kingdom Season 3 will finally continue this year. The new season will begin from Episode 1 after the COVID-19 pandemic delayed its production.

Kingdom Season 3 managed to begin in April 2021. However, with the height of the coronavirus at the time, it affected its production schedule that resulted in a major delay.

Season 3’s release date, official visual, and more

In total, fans have to wait for six years to see what will happen next in the third season. Hopefully, there will be no other break this time.

The franchise’s official Twitter account announced the good news, along with the new season’s official release date.

“TV anime “#Kingdom” Broadcasting will start from 24:10 on Sunday, Apr. 4, 2021 at NHK General TV!” the tweet read. “It will be broadcast from the first episode. Broadcast schedule is subject to change.”

Aside from the announcement, the page also dropped a new visual for Kingdom Season 3.

“We also released a new visual that Shin and Shi Huang confront the greatest war of ‘Joint Army!’” the tweet continued.

The snap shows Xin and Zheng Ying in what could have been the most significant war they are about to face. According to Epic Dope, the Kingdom of Qin is now in a massive conflict with Zhao.

Li Mu holds the advantage of having the truce between the two states to attack Qin. Xin and Zheng also have to go against the enemies who have the least chance of survival.

With different wars here and there, can Zheng unify the states in conflict?

The Kingdom synopsis, release date, and more

Kingdom Season 3 managed to begin last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic happened. It dropped a total of four episodes when it suddenly went to an indefinite break.

Episode 5 was supposed to be out in May 2021, but it would now continue from the very beginning again. It would also carry on with its two-cour run, per Comicbook.

For fans who want to catch up, the series can now be streamed on Hulu and Funimation.

The anime will continue the story of the war orphans Shin and Hyou in the Kingdom of Qin. The two want to prove themselves on the battlefield, but the minister has captured Hyou.

Fortunately, he manages to escape and returns to his village, though he sustains severe injuries. He then meets a mysterious boy with an uncanny resemblance with Hyou, who will become an emperor one day.

Kingdom Season 3 is set to be out on Apr. 4 on the NHK General TV channel.

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