Kirby cameos in ‘Fortnite’ trailer for potential crossover

Fortnite fans noticed an unlikely character in the most recent trailer of its Party Royale event. It may also confirm rumors of a crossover.

A few days ago, Epic Games revealed the trailer for a Fortnite experimental event called Party Royale. The event started last May 8th and was concluded yesterday.

The Fortnite event featured digital concerts from Dillon Francis, deadmau5 and Steve Aoki. There were also various activities for participating players such as obstacle courses and skydiving.

The event became more interesting after fans noticed something in a trailer which could suggest of a future crossover event. Nintendo’s Kirby was seen several times during the course of the trailer video which made fans believe that a Nintendo x Fortnite event is near.

Killer crossovers

Fortnite has provided events with stunning guest appearances this year. From original comic book heroes to real life performers, the developers have been generous to their fans.

The game’s crossover events started this year with an event featuring the DC antihero Harley Quinn. She was made available in the game through a player skin to promote the Birds of Prey film last February.

Then came Marvel’s most famous loudmouth mercenary Deadpool. The hero held a series of special challenges through March and April.

Completing the challenges resulted in unlockable skins of himself, Psylocke, Cable and Domino of the X-Force. Fast forward to today, Fortnite’s next killer crossover could be a figure every ‘90s kid has loved.

Kirby cameo

GoNintendo was the first to discover Kirby’s cameo. In the first few seconds of the Fortnite trailer, Nintendo’s pink hero appears in the bottom-right corner of a big monitor in the background.

The image is not even a look-a-like but a legitimate image of Kirby. The pink fluffball makes another cameo on another show screen within 25 seconds of the trailer.

Kirby fans also noted that this was not Kirby’s first encounter with Fortnite. Last year, a Kirby wallpaper for Nintendo’s loyalty program had “accidentally” added a Fortnite logo on top of it.

Censored trailer

The same Party Royale trailer was uploaded on the official Youtube channels of PlayStation and Xbox. However, Kirby has been obviously blurred out to try and hide him.

The team behind this has given no reasons for the censor but it seems to be for legal purposes because Nintendo has copyrights to Kirby.

It is crucial to remember that the Japanese gaming giant has not confirmed any crossovers yet. Fortnite fans will still have to wait for the official announcement, if there is indeed a crossover.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo Wire/Website Screenshot

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