‘Kirby Fighters 2’ is now available on the Nintendo Switch

'Kirby Fighters 2' is now available on the Nintendo Switch

After leaks spilled around the internet about an upcoming game, Nintendo puts Kirby Fighters 2 in their eShop the next day.

Kirby fans have rejoiced once again as Nintendo has finally made it official that Kirby Fighters 2 has arrived on the Switch a few hours ago.

Once a mini-game in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, a Nintendo 3DS title launched last 2014, Kirby Fighters 2 gives gamers the opportunity to play their own version of Kirby.

Unlike Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that offers up to eight players in one match, Kirby Fighters 2 can be played up to four players in local or online play.

Explore a vast amount of fighting styles

What seems to be almost a clone of their hit game Smash Bros., Nintendo has slightly changed the mechanics of Kirby Fighters 2. 

Instead of the usual scoring by platform knockouts implemented in Smash Bros., Kirby Fighters 2 relies on putting players’ health points to zero to achieve victory. In this game, the player gets the opportunity to choose from over 17 classes ranging from ninjas, archers, fighters, and more.

Kirby Fighters 2 also features a lot of new stages for brawlers to fight in including familiar stages in past Kirby games such as Dyna’s Blade Nest and Jambastion Entrance from Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby Star Allies.

There’s more to this game than just brawling

Aside from their usual battle mode of up to four players, you can choose from a lot of different game modes to your preference.

There is a story mode where you get to team up with your buddy to beat different Kirby’s until you fight Meta Knight and King Dedede.

If you want to put your skills to the test, there is a Single-handed mode where you face nine opponents and the survival progression becomes more challenging once you beat each one.

Play other characters aside from Kirby

While some players were expecting some of these characters to appear on Smash Bros. Ultimate, it looks like Nintendo was reserving them for this Switch title.

In Kirby Fighters 2, players get the opportunity to play other characters such as Bandana Waddle, Magolor, Gooey as well as Meta Knight and King Dedede.

With Smash Bros. Ultimate having a whopping price tag, if you’re contented with playing mostly Kirby, you can grab this game at only US$19.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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