Kitfox Games announces management sim ‘Mondo Museum’


Indie publisher Kitfox Games announced Mondo Museum today and it’s one of a kind.

The game is a museum management sim reminiscent of Planet Zoo and it’s coming this year too. According to the Kitfox Games stream at the Wholesome Games Direct, Mondo Museum offers unique sim mechanics.

Its granular tools and graphics can rival even games from bigger publishers. The game will come out to Early Access this year and will have a bunch of support for it on Steam.

Mondo Museum to offer granular gameplay to would-be curators

Over the past few years, the sim game genre received renewed interest from fans. While RPG sims like Stardew Valley and Cities: Skylines come to mind, management sims are making waves.

Games like Two Points Hospital, Planet Zoo, and Prison Architect are all major hits. Mondo Museum is looking to get the same level of run-off from sim games enthusiasts. The short trailer gives off a quick visual of what players can expect.

Players will start on a barren piece of land. From there, the curator will decide on the shape of the museum they want, together with the exhibits they want to add. The tools for setting up their museum is pretty granular so that would-be curators will have enough control.

Curators can control how tall the pedestals are. They can also add pillows to sofas for added comfort and even protect exhibits with glass. Every detail is painstaking, which is something management sim fans would love.

Mondo Museum is a management sim that challenges you to construct, administer, and curate your own museum,” noted the game’s Steam page. “Choose what items to showcase, draw in the crowds, and grow your collection of cultural, artistic, historical, and scientific displays to expand from a humble exhibit hall into a world-class institution! This isn’t your average museum.”

Kitfox has two games on the way apart from museum sim

Kitfox Games has many things on the horizon for the company this year. For starters, Dwarf Fortress will be having a graphical release sometime this year. The game started in 2006 and is pushing through at the moment.

The publisher also has another game on the works called Boyfriend Dungeon. BF Dungeon is a dating sim that lets players crawl dungeons. To survive, they need to find human partners that can transform into sentient weapons.

With Mondo Museum, players can build more than a simple museum. They can add gift shops, theaters, and so much more.

Kitfox Games is looking to have the game on Early Access this year. The game will also support Steam Workshop, which will allow modders to add their own or other people’s personal collections.

Featured image courtesy of Kitfox Games/Youtube Screenshot


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