‘Knives Out’ director decides to troll fans with using a ‘Pokemon Go’ picture

Director decides to troll fans with the help of a Pokemon Go picture!

Director Rian Johnson has decided to troll all fans by using a Pokemon Go picture. From Knives Out 2, he decided to use a perfect Pokemon Go picture for the troll as Johnson has reportedly said that he is filming the sequel on his popular mystery movie.

The first movie starred Daniel Craig as Blanc, and right now, the project is in the works.

How has the director tried to troll excited fans?

Pokemon Go is one of the trending most games in the platform of the video gaming industry. Many fans have shared their excitement regarding the project and have speculated reports that Rian is going to work on something related directly to the game!

But as soon as he dropped the Tweet, he mentioned that it was a complete troll and nothing serious about it. Johnson has even shared all the periodic pictures from the set on Twitter, and his latest photo is taking the internet by storm.

Eager fans are asking the director whether he has decided to make an animated version of the game or not, to which he has laughed off and said that it was a mere troll. The Pokemon Go picture, which he has used on his Twitter, has captioned as the Set Picture letting everyone know that it is directly from the set.

Niantic celebrates the fifth anniversary of the game

Pokemon Go has celebrated a massive fortune in the upcoming days as the series has entered its fifth year. As a part of the celebration and the anniversary, Niantic has already offered a Pokemon Go Fest for 2021.

There will be a lot of shiny and legendary Pokemons that might appear in the fest. Players have been asked to take proper consideration and a look at the notification. Johnson has said that he is an avid player of the game. And as seen by his status, fans can speculate that he is on Level 42.

Pokemon Go capped all the players at Level 40, but in the recent upgrade of the game, it can be reached to up to 50. To reach the level of 42, Johnson had to accumulate over 33 million XP, which meant that he had to complete all the pending tasks such as walking out his Pokemons and even winning around 30 raids.

He even has to be a gym leader in some areas, which can help him reach the level. Right now, Johnson is working exclusively on the project and has shared details regarding the release too.


Image courtesy of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube

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