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Know where to find the pokemon Gulpin in ‘Pokemon Go’


With this article’s help, players will get to understand how to capture the poison-type pokemon named Gulpin.

As you have already known, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game that helps you to play and capture pokemons with the help of your smartphones. It is developed by a popular gaming company named Niantic.

Suppose you are a regular player of this name, then you might have come across a pokemon named Gulpin. Pokemon Go keeps on adding consistently new pokemons to the game as players get more and more interested. In this post, we are going to talk about Gulpin and how a player in Pokemon Go can capture it.

Who is Gulpin?

Gulpin is mostly a poison-type pokemon. And also, on the other hand, since it is a Gen 3 pokemon, it is a new addition to the list. Poison-type Pokemons, if you recall the likes of Arbok, release a venom that can cause suffocation to their victims. Gulpin has almost similar movesets, which we will later discuss.

Gulpin is mostly found in the Hoenn region as it migrates mainly on grass-like areas. It is boosted with the help of cloudy weather.

Gulpin has two forms that can be used in a match. One is the normal form, and the other one is shiny. A normal Gulpin is completely green in most of its body, with a presence of a black diamond marking on the top of its head.

It even contains a yellow feather-like structure on top of the diamond. On the other hand, if your Gulpin has a shiny appearance, then it will be blue on most of its body.

Instead of the yellow feather on the top of its head, a shiny Gulpin has a green feather attached.

Where can you find Gulpin?

Here is a look at the most important stats of Gulpin. These are important as it helps a player to capture Gulpin easily.

  • Type, poison
  • ATK, 80
  • DEF, 99
  • HP, 140
  • Max CP, 788
  • Height, 0.4 M
  • Weight, 10.3 KG
  • Stamina, 140
  • Capture rate, 50 percent
  • Flee rate, 10 percent
  • Bonus when caught, +25 percent Stardust, and +20 percent damage for moves

As we have mentioned before, Gulpin is a type of pokemon who likes to live on grass. So if you wish to capture Gulpin, then you can find it on Grassland, Farmland, or even rough terrain.

Especially players have said that going to parks, meadows, gardens, or even farms have helped them to capture Gulpin to their collection.

Image courtesy of Megatron AMV/YouTube Screenshot

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