Koei Tecmo unveils ‘Dynasty Warriors Mobile’ at TGS 2020


Koei Techmo had a lot of surprises at TGS 2020, but perhaps none were as surprising as the new Dynasty Warriors Mobile game. Soon enough, players can use fan faves like Zhao Yun and Diao Chan on their smartphones.

After a surprisingly long wait, Koei Tecmo has finally revealed that it’s releasing a Dynasty Warriors mobile game. It’s going to be a must for series fans as it looks and feels like an actual Dynasty Warriors game. Will this mobile entry hold its own against other releases in the franchise?


The game is set to release on Android and iOS devices. However, no release date has been given for it yet. As per Koei Tecmo, closed beta pre-registration is already up for the game. Players who pre-register will be notified once the game launches. For now, the game is confirmed for Japan. It’s not yet known whether it will release elsewhere.


Based on the trailer, the game will look and feel like any standard Dynasty Warriors game. It has the basics right. This means combat is action-based, and players can perform light and special attacks. Most importantly, they can perform special moves once their Musou gauge is full.

It’s an action game that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series, so there are a few special surprises in it. For starters, every favorite character will have new illustrations as well as new costumes. What’s great is that players can change their costumes, and it will have implications in battle. Basically, it will work like an equipment system for Dynasty Warriors Mobile.

In essence, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors is a gacha game. There will be a lot of characters that players can get through a gacha system. The rarities are R, SR, and SSR. There will be some series favorites in the game, but there will be some new characters as well.

Surprisingly, the game is going to have a unique story. Most games from the franchise are devoted to following the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. It will be exciting to see how this new story plays out.

There’s no word of Dynasty Warriors Mobile will launch outside Japan. For now, registrations are already open, and players can soon try out this upcoming game. Hopefully, it’s able to hold its own against Koei Tecmo’s other Musou games such as Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.

Image used courtesy of Koei Tecmo/YouTube

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