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Kojima Productions and TSUKUMO partner up for ‘Death Stranding’ PC case


The company behind Death Stranding, Kojima Productions, and Japan’s longstanding PC shop, Project White, via the TSUKUMO brand, is setting up for a collaboration that will see desktop users having a Death Stranding-themed CPU tower.

Dubbed “Bridges,” which is also the major entity in the game, this custom PC tower is a redesign of the Fractal Define 7 Compact. Its most notable features include the prints that state “Bridges” and its corresponding logo, “Special Delivery Team” (SDT), and its unique color scheme. All of which clearly indicative of Kojima Productions’ brainchild product since having started as its own unique company.

Similar But Different

Those who have seen or owned the Fractal Define 7 Compact shouldn’t see any deviation to the case when it comes to internals. Like the original design, the Bridges CPU tower is capable of housing either an ATX, ITX, or mATX motherboard and a 360mm GPU.

Which, for any PC enthusiast should give a clear idea as to the hardware’s size. However, the promotional page warns motherboard placement might be a little too tight-fitting, something which any PC builder should put into thought when transferring existing hardware or building it anew with fresh parts.

The custom case also comes with a removable top panel that allows for better thermal cooling. A perfect consideration given games as intensive as Death Stranding can be pretty demanding, which, in turn, generates much heat. Efficient heat dissipation is a major contributing factor.

Initially Japan-exclusive

While the price for the product is still not available, Famitsu claims that it will become available sometime in Fall 2020. In the land of the rising sun, at least. But the information in the article also claims of the potential worldwide release due to Fractal Design’s existing distribution network.

Considering the price of Fractal Define 7 Compact goes around $150 to $170, we can only speculate that Bridges would cost at least more. Possibly, even more outside of Japan, especially if using import.

Business Magnet

The release of Death Stranding has attracted business tie-ins for Kojima Productions. Such as the creation of exclusive and limited-edition clothing, product placement, and, more recently, a short partnership with Japanese delivery service, Yamato Transport. The latter of which even going so far as to run a promo that will grant a lucky few exclusive Death Stranding merch.

Others that could not establish a business endeavor with Kojima Productions have instead drawn inspiration from the game. One most notable of which is a food delivery service in China that built exoskeletons resembling Sam Bridges.

Image used courtesy of ツクモちゃんねる/YouTube Screenshot

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