Kojima shares insights: Says photography in games is good for skills

Kojima shares some insights about video games and real life.

One of the biggest names in the league, Kojima has many insights to share with his audience. However, during the start of his career, he has been nonchalant about the games he has produced.

Starting from the first releases and to the later ones, there have been many improving points as well. As in recent, he has shared some insights with players and asked them to take some notes.

How can video games help players to have a steady setting in real life?

Video games are known for their ingenious gameplay. Tell tale games such as Walking Dead and even Life Is Strange have taught all the players to base the gameplay on their choice.

Such as that, photography has been a major part of these games. When Max wanted to save Chloe’s life, she intended to have photographs saved. And even photographs of their beautiful moments together. Players were asked to take a picture of everything taunted for.

Thus, Kojima has shared his insight and taken to Twitter to share what he thinks. In one of his posts, we have said that taking pictures on video games can increase stability and balance off pictures.

Aspiring photographers who want to make the most of their careers can try it out. Kojima has even shared other details as well. However, Kojima’s argument is basically based on the layout and the different settings of various games.

What insights did he share about the insights?

He has mocked the responses and said that some people think virtual spaces are not real. But Kojima has a different viewpoint. He said that virtual spaces are just interpretations of real spaces and inspirations.

He even shared that taking proper pictures of the virtual spaces helps players to understand the balance. For example, suppose the mouse or the cursor is not moving rightly; it depicts the trembling hands of a photographer.

Once a player takes a proper picture, it will help them understand how they can improve in real life. But, on the other hand, he has spoken about the in-game experience as well.

In one of his tweets, he has mentioned that having an in-game experience for real life is good. It takes players to help them have a closer look at their setting. It is a proper way to capture the background and the focus subject too.

Kojima is said to be working on new releases right now. There are new titles that are going to be released soon under his development.


Image courtesy of Subpixel/YouTube

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