Koss in hot water after Apple countersues

Koss in hot water after Apple countersues

Koss may have bitten off more than what it could chew after Apple countersued the company for an alleged confidentiality breach.

Patent lawsuits aren’t new for big and successful companies. Apple and Samsung take these types of lawsuits day in and day out. However, it doesn’t mean that these conglomerates’ hands are clean. Some lawsuits prosper while others just die their natural death after the complainants are squeezed dry of funds.

Be that as it may, the likes of Apple don’t normally back down from allegations. They take these lawsuits head-on and use their arsenal of lawyers to fend off possible opportunistic entities.

Apple countersues Koss

A couple of weeks ago, Koss filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and other tech companies. They allege that all other companies that produced wireless earphone technologies copied them. As such, they deserve royalties and awards based on damages against their company. It’s original complaint says,

“Apple and others are reaping enormous benefits due to John C. Koss’ vision, and Koss Corporation’s commitment to that vision for more than six decades.”

Apple was expected to go on the counter-offensive against Koss. It said that the claims of Koss are baseless. To add more insult to the injury, Apple said that Koss violated the confidentiality agreement it requested for back in 2016.

Originally, Apple was fine with not signing any non-disclosure agreement with Koss when they discussed a potential licensing agreement. However, the latter insisted on such which both parties signed and agreed on. Apple said in its filing,

“In other words, having enticed Apple to participate in discussions, reveal information, and forego some of its legal options, Koss could not use Apple’s participation against it as a ‘gotcha’ to bring claims in a later litigation. That, however, is exactly what Koss did.”

Apple AirPods are very successful

Apple’s wireless earphone technology is currently the world’s best selling pair of wireless earphones. Its integration within the Apple ecosystem is seamless. As such, the ease of its use is impeccable. Also, Apple continuously develops technology on them.

Just last month, Apple announced over WWDC 2020 the new essential features of the AirPods Pro. As the new updates are rolled out, users can enjoy Spatial Audio on the wireless earphones. While people cannot visit the cinemas, Apple brings Dolby surround-sound technology to the comforts of homes.

Next year, Apple fans can expect to see the newest AirPods. This new set will allegedly be shaped similarly to the AirPods Pro.

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