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Kourtney Kardashian shocked fans with Reign’s new look


Kourtney Kardashian had not cut Reign’s hair since his birth.

Kourtney Kardashian shares three kids with her former partner, Scott Disick. Among the three kids, Reign has caught the attention of many because of his long hair.

Reports said that the eldest of the Kardashian siblings had not cut her son’s hair since she gave birth to him, five years ago. Recently, however, Kourtney shocked her fans and followers as she posted a photo of Reign, touting his shaved head.

Kourtney Kardashian slammed for Reign’s long hair

Kourtney Kardashian always posts photos and videos of her children on social media. When she posts about her son, Reign, netizens, reportedly, slam her for not cutting her son’s hair.

Cheat Sheet reported that the most recent was in December when the Poosh founder shared a video of her 5-year-old son on Instagram. As noted, the video features Reign and his waist-length hair, “in action” on monkey bars.

Many individuals, reportedly, asked her to cut the long hair, after criticizing her for not doing so. But, despite all the negative comments, Kourtney does not seemingly care what other people say about her.

She clapped back once, though, and revealed that her son loves it, and is happy about his hair. In her responses, she also pointed out how these critics should not worry about others’ kids.

Reign’s new look

Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian posted a new photo of Reign on the same platform. This time, however, he is holding his head as he no longer has long hair.

The post showing Reign’s shaved head, reportedly, shocked many fans and followers. The publication then noted that this was the first haircut of his life.

Amid their shock toward the five-year-old’s new look, some of the Kardashians, alongside their close friends in the industry, praised Reign’s new and “handsome” look. While Kourtney captioned the photo, stating that she is “not OK,” she revealed in the comments that she loves it.

One follower also asked her about what they did to Reign’s long hair. The Poosh founder, reportedly, revealed that it would be with her, “forever.”

Reign’s hairdresser revealed the reason behind the new look

Following Kourtney’s post, her son’s hairdresser, Jason Schneidman revealed the “surprising” reason behind Reign’s shaved head, according to Hello! magazine. He posted a set of photos on his own Instagram. Aside from showing Reign’s new look, the other photos also featured the “before” and “during” haircut look.

Later on, his followers, reportedly, asked him why he shaved Kourtney Kardashian’s son’s head. He responded and revealed that Reign decided to cut all his hair.

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