Kris Jenner is stopping Caitlyn Jenner from joining ‘RHOBH’: Rumor

Kris Jenner panics over Caitlyn Jenner’s interest to join ‘RHOBH’

After Caitlyn Jenner expressed her interest in joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kris Jenner is, allegedly, trying to stop her. The KarJenner matriarch is, reportedly, panicking over the thought of her ex-husband joining the reality series.

A tabloid contends that Kris Jenner is doing everything to stop Caitlyn Jenner from joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Is there any truth about it?

Kris afraid of Caitlyn’s plan to join RHOBV

OK! Magazine claimed that the 64-year-old momager seemed to be afraid of the possible revelations that the retired decathlete might say in the show. This came after I Am Cait star already revealed the Kardashian family’s dirty laundry in her memoir and her own reality series.

As she usually overshares details about the family, it has caused several problems among them. So, if she joins Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Kris star feels like she needs to do something about it.

As the reality series often stirs up drama, Kris Jenner is nervous about what may come. Although Caitlyn Jenner already promised not to reveal juicy details about the KarJenners, “all bets will be off” if she joins the show.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is also not convinced that her ex will keep her mouth shut. She is afraid that other housewives may convince her to “spill the tea after a few glasses of wine.”

“Kris is looking for ways to stop Cait’s casting before it even gets off the ground,” the insider added. “If Cait starts blabbing, things could get ugly.”

The truth behind the claim

According to Gossip Cop, there are so many red flags in the made-up story. Caitlyn Jenner has joined a lot of reality series before. So, it may be untrue that Kris Jenner is afraid she will join another one.

The KarJenner is also no stranger to controversy. They rose to prominence when Kim Kardashian’s sex tape emerged. Also, although she expressed her interest in joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it does not mean she will be part of it instantly.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Caitlyn Jenner’s manager, Sophia Hutchins, revealed she is a huge fan of the reality show. “You know, I’ve done reality television pretty much all my life,” Caitlyn admitted. “I was watching that and saying, ‘I could see myself getting in there with some of the drama.'”

Caitlyn Jenner also has a connection with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ stars. She knows Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards personally. It may be no surprise if she manages to make an appearance in the series. So, fans have to wait for Kris Jenner’s reaction about it.

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