Kris Jenner will continuously support Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kris Jenner still loves her son-in-law, Kanye West, despite the things he said about her on Twitter.

A source revealed Kris Jenner would remain by Kanye and her daughter Kim Kardashian’s side no matter what happens.

Kris Jenner does not mind Kanye’s allegations

An insider told Hollywood Life the KarJenner matriarch has nothing but love for the 43-year-old rapper.

It looks like she does not even mind him calling her “Kris Jong-Un” or even bashing her for, allegedly, avoiding his calls and texts. She will also fully support her daughter during these tough times.

“Kris hasn’t left Kim’s side during this entire situation with Kanye,” the tipster revealed.

The 64-year-old momager, reportedly, rushed to Kim’s side after the revelations Kanye made at his campaign rally in South Carolina.

At the time, the fashion mogul sobbed as he recalled the moment he wanted his wife to abort their first child, North, upon learning that she was pregnant. From here, his behavior escalated quickly.

He then had a social media meltdown, posting Twitter rants and deleting it after.

Kris, allegedly, removes Kanye’s ‘controversial views and outbursts’ on KUWTK

Meanwhile, according to Mirror Online, Kris is making sure that Kanye’s “controversial views and outbursts” would never make it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The famed entertainment manager is the one who oversees the production of the family’s reality show. So, she wants to protect everyone by removing the fashion mogul’s “erratic behavior” while filming.

An insider told The Sun thatย the Yeezy designer has been vocal about his extreme ideas. He has also made a lot of “provocative comments” behind the scenes for several years now.

The source continued that there were several scenes already cut altogether because of his behavior.

“Kanye has been making these explosive and provocative comments for the past several years on camera and around production staff,” the tipster explained. “He has been vocal about disagreements with the family, rages over small problems, and extremist political views.”

Kanye’s alleged ‘erratic behavior’

Kanye has been married to Kim since 2014. However, it was only in 2019 that he became a prominent part of KUWTK. At the time, the show was already in its 16th season.

However, some of his clips never made it on TV because of his behavior.

“One interview was pulled altogether as the subject matter went in a different direction,” the source revealed. “With Kanye talking about religious beliefs, connections to higher powers, and differences within the family.”

Kris Jenner did not want these things to become public, especially if it was through KUWTK.

“Obviously she was concerned about the impact this would have on Kim’s marriage and the family dynamics because these comments would raise issues,” the insider added.

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