Krystal talks about her hopes for an f(x) reunion

Krystal is in hope for a reunion of f(x) as she celebrates her silver screen debut with More Than Family.

In a recent interview, Krystal talked about her role in the drama’s difficulties as she portrays a pregnant character and the possibility of an f(x) reunion.

The pressure

She brought up her group, stating that it naturally came across her acting career. It is not that she quits being a singer only to be an actress, but it means more than for her. The timing worked that she has to pick one from the things she loves to do.

The fans are distraught, and so is she. They may think that she quit being a singer because she focuses on her acting.

Krystal also revealed that she is open to more opportunities and hope that people would understand her intentions. She talks about having a reunion with f(x).

Krystal expecting for f(x) reunion

It may not be something that would happen because they want it, but because of some conditions surrounding the album’s production.

The group also has circumstances that they cannot talk about, but they always talk about meeting in the future.

Moreover, it has been 12 years since Krystal’s debut through f(x), she commented that the feelings were not the same.

Krystal did not feel the same way even she released a new album or even participated in at least one new project every year.

When she starts something, she is the type of person who has to see it until the end. She always tries her best without regrets.

Acting over singing

Lastly, Krystal wanted to be an actress to make people want to watch her projects. The charm of acting is completely different from singing because she will be able to live different lives. This includes her role as a pregnant woman in More Than Family and a soldier in her drama Search.


Image courtesy of iQIYI Malaysia/YouTube Screenshot

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