Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott not back together but are happy

kylie jenner travis scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have recently made headlines for their steamy Instagram photos.

It sparked rumors that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reconciled and dating once again.

However, a source told People magazine that’s not the case.

“There’s a lot of love between Travis and Kylie, and they’re even openly affectionate,” the source revealed. “But they’re not back together, and neither is in a place to be in a committed relationship.”

Apparently, the former couple has “been dating here and there,” and both are said to be mature about it.

But it’s not like their reconciliation will not be up in the air. As tattled by the source, nobody would be surprised if they’ll end up back together.

For now, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are just happy to be co-parenting Stormi “and are on the same page about raising their daughter.”

Travis’ co-parenting

Recently, Travis Scott opened up about how he raises Stormi with Kylie Jenner.

Speaking on .WAV Radio with Chase B, the Astroworld rapper and his reality star co-parent bring up Stormi to be a “strong, confident and adept woman.”

He explained, “I feel like it’s way more important now to protect young Black daughters, women, and make sure they know how to carry themselves, how to move in this world, how to be strong, how not even to be scared to take that risk on an idea, jump out on any activity.”

Travis continued, “Now more than ever, they have the vision. As a parent, I’m always instilling knowledge, even at this age.”

The dad-of-one is setting an example by being present in his child’s life, which any parent can do.

Kylie and Travis’ ‘great relationship’

One year after their split, Kylie Jenner has gushed about their tight relationship.

In December 2019, two months after they split up for good, Travis Scott said he will always love the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

Speaking to XXL Magazine, he said, “I love her mommy, and I always will. The hard part about relationships is just trying to be in one without a million outside voices interfering.”

More kids

According to Us Weekly, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went through instances where they questioned if getting back together is a good thing.

An insider revealed that despite their on-again, off-again relationship, the pair maintained “physical attraction” for each other.

However, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul is unsure if she wants to have more kids with the rapper.

For now, Kylie and Travis are doing great, separately, but terrific as parents.

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