Kylie Minogue begging Nicole Kidman for role in Hollywood: Rumor

Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman have, allegedly, been feuding with each other for years. But there are claims that they recently mended their rift with Keith Urban’s help.

According to New Idea, Kylie Minogue and Urban are friends from the music industry. As such, the latter helped clear the air between his pal and Kidman.

“For some reason, Kylie always avoided her after Moulin Rouge! but she knew Keith from the music industry. He’d been working hard at getting Kylie and Nicole together. They get on great now, to everyone’s surprise, and it’s blossomed into a really close friendship,” the source said.

Kylie Minogue asking for Nicole Kidman’s help?

Since Minogue and Kidman’s relationship has, reportedly, improved, the latter, allegedly, decided to ask the latter for help. Minogue, allegedly, wants to return to Hollywood, and she knows that the Big Little Lies star can help her out.

“She’s very cautious about choosing the right project. Things are slowly getting better in Hollywood for women her age, but let’s face it… with Nicole and Naomi Watts, there’s very little room for another middle-aged Aussie blonde. Still, she’s determined and knows Nicole has the kudos and connections to help. Nic has definitely promised she’ll keep her eyes open,” the source said.

Kylie Minogue movies dubbed as disastrous

The tabloid also criticized Kylie Minogue for her acting chops. They said that most of the projects that she starred in didn’t become huge hits. The tabloid also dubbed her movies as disastrous.

However, they said that this hasn’t stopped the actress from pursuing acting because this is her passion.

“And having someone brilliant like Nicole on board as her key adviser is probably the only way she’ll ever be brave enough to try it again,” the source said.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman divorce rumors

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman divorce rumors

Minogue aside, there have also been other rumors surrounding Kidman and Urban. Several tabloids have been saying that the couple is on the brink of divorce.

Life & Style claimed that the couple fought following Urban’s decision to return to the United States to participate at a concert. The musician and Kidman flew to Australia with their kids so that the actress could pursue her new project on the continent.

Last month, New Idea claimed that the couple decided to return to Australia to help fix their marital problems. The tabloid claimed that the couple has been fighting nonstop during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, none of these rumors are correct. Kidman and Urban aren’t divorcing. And there’s no indication that Kylie Minogue asked for Kidman’s help with her Hollywood career.

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