Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters: Why they are the main characters of the game

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the most interesting characters of the game, but what is her motive?

If you have played the game of Resident Evil Village, then you know for a fact that at first, players have to battle the gorgeous Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.

The developers did say this about the game that the plot focuses on because there is a story behind every one of the Lord that Ethan Winters have to battle.

Who is this vampire lady?

Lady Dimitrescu was Capcom’s one of the smartest marketing spots that the team did in the run-up to the game’s release.

It was to focus on Lady Dimitrescu, who is a tall vampire lady, and her deadly daughters and let players know what they are going to face in the upcoming future of the video game. It was all that the internet could talk about for months, and they continue to talk about it since the game’s recent release.

But one thing that players have not ceased to ask is the intent of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in the game. Do they play a real part, or are they just additional characters to increase action?

It was not soon after the first release of the game, which was launched as a trailer. Players understood that Lady and her daughters were the first foes that Ethan had to set up in the game and eradicate so that he could march onto his future adventure to save his baby, Rose.

But now the gamers everywhere are actually digging into the gameplay of Resident Evil and its post-game content.

Let us say that Lady Dimitrescu is not at all a bad guy but driven to follow the force of nature, and there are some real baddies out there that Ethan Winters is about to see in the course of the gameplay.

Spoilers ahead.

When Ethan first enters the castle, he is wished by the Lady and her daughters, but much of his surprise, they are blood-sucking monsters. Lady Dimitrescu, who also goes by the name of Alcina Dimitrescu, and her daughters are Bella, Daniela, and Cassandra, to give devils their due.

When first-person perspective Ethan crashes into an Eastern European village, he does not know about the luck which awaits him. There is a lot to handle for Ethan at one point in time.

But who exactly is Lady Dimitrescu?

Alcina was once cursed, which is why she has a hereditary problem that forces her to feed on human blood to keep her flesh active. With the great powers bestowed by Mother Miranda, she is kept alive and has stopped aging before forty years of her life.

In the entirety of the game, Ethan has to come across a ton of Lycans and have to hurdle his way through the four bosses.


Image courtesy of Markiplier/YouTube

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