Lady Dimitrescu can and can’t be killed in ‘Resident Evil 8’

If you are wondering how to tackle the tall vampire woman, a.k.a., Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8, there are few things to know.

Resident Evil 8 is about Ethan Winters and his search for Rose, his daughter. But Lady Dimitrescu is undoubtedly the highlight of the latest Capcom title.

SPOILER WARNING: Before you proceed further, there’s a lot of information about the main gameplay. Now’s the time to back out if you want to skip reading.

‘Resident Evil 8’: How to kill Lady Dimitrescu?

Since the announcement of Resident Evil Village, Lady D has been a big attraction for many fans. They were curious about her role in the latest installment.

And now that Resident Evil 8 is here, players can explore more about Lady Dimitrescu.

But the main question among many of them is: Can she be killed or not?

Well, there are two answers to that.

The first one says that you can’t. At least not when she’s stalking you throughout the main gameplay before the boss fight.

Yes, you can stun her with gunshots, but that won’t help much in any case. The best way to deal with her is to escape the Lady at all costs!

Could you stay away from her? She may turn out to be even scarier than past villains like Mr. X or Nemesis!

However, you do get the opportunity of killing her during the boss fight sequence in Resident Evil 8.

The battle mainly takes place on the roof of the Castle.

But this time, Ethan faces a monster who appears to be different than Lady Dimitrescu, who was chasing him before the big fight.

Speaking of the ultimate battle, then you, as Ethan, can finally stab her with the help of a special dagger. It does heavy damage to her. Also, it then changes her transformation as well.

At last, she then turns into a mysterious flying creature with a humanoid figure coming out on top of it.

Then it goes on like the usual Resident Evil games.

You have to keep hitting the humanoid part of the creature with all the weapons you have.

After you are successful in doing that, she will turn into stone and get defeated.

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