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Lady Gaga allegedly had ‘secret feud’ with her mom during her teenage years


Lady Gaga and her mom, Cynthia Germanotta didn’t always get along.

When Lady Gaga was a teenager, she experienced bullying that led to her depression. And during a recent interview, Germanotta shared how Gaga’s struggles affected their relationship.

“I was raised differently, where you just have to be tough and not talk about your emotions. I didn’t always understand the difference between normal biological teenage development and a real problem,” she said.

Lady Gaga, Cynthia Germanotta relationship

Gaga and her mom only managed to fully communicate with each other and heal old wounds after several years. And the “Poker Face” singer also said that when she was much younger, she didn’t want to tell her mom about her struggles.

“When I had self-harm urges, it’s really hard to tell your parent because you feel ashamed. I’m just really grateful that my mom holds space for me to be able to talk about how I feel,” she said.

Nowhere in the article did Gaga and her mom say that they had a secret feud. And the mother and daughter duo also have a wonderful relationship with each other right now.

Rumors debunked

However, the headline that Woman’s Day used is quite misleading. They claimed that Gaga and her mom had a secret feud when they didn’t. In fact, Gaga and her mom opened up about their struggles to prove that their alleged feud wasn’t a secret after all.

Woman’s Day is known for publishing dubious and misleading headlines about Lady Gaga. There was a time when the tabloid kept saying that Gaga was in a relationship with Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper dating, eloping, tying the knot rumors

Last year, the tabloid claimed that the A Star Is Born co-stars eloped to Tahiti. A source told the tabloid that Cooper refused to hide his real feelings for Gaga any longer.

“Bradley’s tired of hiding his true feelings for Gaga and says he’s ready to show how much she means to him. He decided it was the perfect opportunity for them to have some alone time and even tie the knot in total privacy,” a source said.

Months earlier, the same tabloid claimed that Gaga begged Cooper to marry her.

“They’re talking marriage. Well, Gaga is! She knows he’s the one but Bradley’s trying to figure out how to get out of his current relationship, which isn’t a marriage, but may as well be, given they have a baby,” the source said.

However, all these claims have been proven to be incorrect. Lady Gaga and Cooper never dated.

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