Lady Gaga chose BLACKPINK for ‘Sour Candy’ because of this

Lady Gaga chose BLACKPINK for 'Sour Candy' because of this

Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK recently released their song collaboration, ‘Sour Candy.’

After years of waiting, Lady Gaga has finally released her sixth album, Chromatica. It came as a huge “treat” and surprise to the fandom as she collaborated with several artists, including the “queens of BLACKPINK.”

Although the album, indeed, delighted the fans, many individuals reportedly wondered why the A Star Is Born songstress chose the K-pop girl group. Several have asked whether they all share a good friendship prior to the collaboration, according to Cheat Sheet.

Chromatica’s release, and other details

Following Joanne’s arrival in 2016, Lady Gaga’s fandom, or also known as “little monsters,” has since waited for the artist’s new projects. While her most recent project, A Star Is Born, with Bradley Cooper did not reportedly disappoint, many were looking forward to her new album.

Months after, the artist revealed that her sixth album would arrive in April 2020. However, a postponement happened due to the pandemic crisis. Nevertheless, Chromatica arrived on several platforms after a month.

The 16-track album features several collaborations with prominent artists. These include Ariana Grande and Elton John, as per CNN. But, among all the collaborations that the album features, BLACKPINK has caught the attention of many.

Lady Gaga reveals why she chose BLACKPINK

On choosing BLACKPINK, it is not reportedly stated whether she is friends with its members, Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa before the project. But, she reportedly revealed why she chose the girl group for ‘Sour Candy.’

Speaking to TVGroove, Lady Gaga noted that she is “proud to be the fifth member” of the K-pop group, particularly for ‘Sour Candy.’ “I wanted to celebrate them because I love powerful women like them,” the songstress explained.

Some of the members of BLACKPINK shared gratitude to the ‘Poker Face’ singer upon the release of the track. “Thank you for having us be a part of this, Gaga! We love you so so much. Hope you all like it,” Rosé posted on social media.

Collaborations with other artists

Chromatica is not the first time where Lady Gaga collaborated with other artists. In the past, she worked with various singers and musicians, including Beyonce, Bradley Cooper, and Tony Bennett. 

Reports added that her collaboration with BLACKPINK is not her first time working with a K-pop group. As revealed, Lady Gaga supported another group in 2014 when she featured Crayon Pop in the “opening act” of her Artpop tour.


Featured image courtesy of Lady Gaga/YouTube

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