Lady Gaga proposed to Bradley Cooper but he rejected her: Rumor

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have been linked to each other since they starred in A Star Is Born.

Several tabloids have been insisting that there was something romantic going on between two last year. However, Lady Gaga has been adamant at saying that she and Cooper are just friends.

Lady Gaga desperate to be with Bradley Cooper

Still, Woman’s Day claimed that the “Poker Face” was so desperate to be with Cooper that she thought of proposing to her co-star. Back then, Cooper was still with Irina Shayk; that’s why he didn’t, allegedly, commit to Gaga.

The tabloid also seemingly claimed that Cooper has fear of commitment that’s why he couldn’t give Gaga his “yes.”

“They’re talking marriage. Well, Gaga is! She knows he’s The One but Bradley’s trying to figure out how to get out of his current relationship, which isn’t a marriage, but may as well be, given they have a baby. He has deep feelings for her. But he’s also in a relationship. The timing just isn’t right,” the source said.

Bradley Cooper allegedly rejected Lady Gaga's proposal

Bradley Cooper allegedly rejected Lady Gaga’s proposal

Lady Gaga, allegedly, understood Cooper’s reasons why he couldn’t marry her. As such, it didn’t, allegedly, affect their budding relationship.

The co-stars’ connection was, allegedly, so strong that it was Shayk who became worried about her place in Cooper’s life. The model, allegedly, knew about Gaga’s proposal, and she was hurt.

Does Bradley Cooper fear commitment?

Around the same time, In Touch Weekly published a similar story about Gaga and Cooper. The tabloid claimed that the co-stars’ relationship didn’t progress into anything deeper because the actor refused to commit.

A source claimed that Gaga waited patiently for Cooper to split from Shayk. The singer, allegedly, thought that their breakup would encourage the actor to commit to her. Unfortunately, this wasn’t what happened.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper rumors debunked

Cooper still didn’t commit to Gaga even though they were both single then. However, this isn’t surprising because they were never interested in each other.

According to Gossip Cop, they spoke to an unnamed source close to the situation and was told that the rumors are untrue. Today, Cooper is still single.

The Silver Linings Playbook star recently made headlines amid claims that he and Jennifer Garner are dating. But the rumors died down as quickly as they made frontpage news.

As for Lady Gaga, she is in a relationship with tech CEO, Michael Polansky. And their relationship, reportedly, became much stronger after they quarantined together.

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