Lady Gaga reveals the only female artist who supports her

Lady Gaga reveals the only female artist who supports her

Lady Gaga reportedly claimed that there is only one female artist who has supported her since then.

Lady Gaga is one of the most successful artists today. There is no doubt about that as she continues to top the charts even after a decade.

But, despite all the achievements and accomplishments, she has also reportedly met challenges along the way. It is not surprising, though, given that every artist in the industry has also faced the same.

Lady Gaga and her rise to fame

Reports said that Lady Gaga has always had a passion for music, even as a child. However, she only emerged in the music scene in 2008 through her debut album, ‘The Fame.’

Since then, she has already “stood out” among the rest, according to Cheat Sheet. With her tracks, like ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Poker Face,’ and ‘Paparazzi,’ alongside her “buzzworthy fashion sense,” it is not reportedly shocking why she immediately rose to total success.

While her success is unquestionable, reports said that she has not always received “meaningful support” from fellow female artists. As claimed, many have reportedly “failed” to give their support to her, except for one.

This veteran artist supports her since then

Speaking to Apple, Lady Gaga has opened up about her struggles in finding a female mentor, according to Bang Showbiz via Yahoo!. She reportedly claimed that it is a “difficult” matter in her life to have someone “who would show [me] the way.”

The artist then reportedly shared that she has had a “hard time” with “older women.” But, in terms of receiving any “meaningful support,” she reportedly has no one “other than Celine Dion.”

With her assertions concerning the apparent struggles in getting the right support, she reportedly “pledged” to give her support to others. As stated, she will “lend” it, especially to young stars, like Billie Eilish.

She continues to inspire and make a name for herself

Some publications then said that part of the struggle is probably her “unique” appearances and performances that “tend to rub” others the wrong way.

Whatever the case, though, it has appeared that Lady Gaga does not pay attention to such matters. Because of this, she has always received tons of praise, admiration, and love from her fans across the globe. 

Amid the continued challenges, though, Lady Gaga is still making a name for herself and even topping the charts. She recently released her sixth album, ‘Chromatica,’ and has since broken new records for it.


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