Lady Gaga speaks about self shaming, being hard on herself: ‘It’s not helpful’

Lady Gaga speaks about self shaming, being hard on herself: 'It's not helpful'

Lady Gaga got candid when she discussed her album “Chromatica.” The Poker Face singer also recounted the times she was so hard on herself and named her greatest enemy.

Lady Gaga has been very open about her mental health struggles and it is evident in her Chromatica album. In a recent interview, she poured her heart out when she discussed the story behind her tracks.

Lady Gaga was very hard on herself

In an interview with American Songwriter, Lady Gaga opened up about her emotions when she wrote her songs for Chromatica. She mentioned the songs Fun Tonight and 911 and how it reflected her life.

She considered Fun Tonight the saddest song in the album because it was a song she sang to herself. She said there were times when she couldn’t just have fun and be happy for others no matter how the people around her cheered her up. At that point, she realized that she was very hard on herself.

“I was very hard on myself,” Gaga shared per Billboard.

“I hope that when people listen to that song and they relate to it that they know shaming yourself for feeling down is not helpful. It happens but it’s not helpful.”

Gaga named her greatest enemy

Lady Gaga also brought up her other single 911. In the song, she revealed her greatest enemy – herself.

“Because you’re just kicking yourself when you’re already down. You wouldn’t do that to a friend would you? If they were sad, you wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, you suck for being sad!’ Right?” Gaga explained.

She added that instead of making one’s friend worse, one usually gives them a hug and would cheer them on. But not everyone does the same when it comes to themselves.

“I think that our biggest enemies are ourselves. I say that in 911 – my biggest enemy is me.”

Gaga admitted that she say mean things to herself in her head all the time. She had to turn away and remind herself that the real her would never say those mean things to anyone else. So, she started asking herself why she would say it to herself.

Gaga and Bradley Cooper rumors

In related news, Lady Gaga was linked to her A Star is Born co-star Bradley Cooper. However, she denied the romantic rumors and set the record straight.

She told Oprah that they fooled the people with their made-up love story because they only did for the show. Gaga added that as a performer and actress, they wanted the people to believe that they were really in love.


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